Our Mission

Do you hear it?


Not with your ears, but with your heart.

It’s a cry…echoing around the world.

It’s the cry of Antonia, living in tormenting fear with their children in a Nicaraguan garbage dump with only a cardboard shack to keep out the rain and wild animals. We heard her cry and built her a permanent, concrete block home with a garden and a chicken coop, so they don’t have to eat garbage anymore. Now she can learn a new skill to earn a living and break the cycle of poverty forever.

There are hundreds of other moms just like her, still crying.

It’s the cry of Chimwe in Sudan. Her little girl has been carrying jugs down to a murky brown creek to collect filthy, contaminated water. We answered her cry with a water purification system for her village, so she won’t have to hear any more children suffering and dying of preventable diseases.

It’s the cry of Moshe in Israel, whose parents were killed in a suicide bombing attack. He doesn’t have to dig in the garbage at night to find food for his younger sister.

It’s the cry of Brittney, caught in the nightmare of performing humiliating sex acts for grown men and women in a filthy, drug-infested brothel, right here in the United States, the land of the free.

Do you hear it now?

The cry of the poor is all around us, but most of us here in the richest nation on the planet don’t have ears to hear it. It doesn’t help us advance our own desires…or so we like to think.

Our Mission is to answer the cry of the poor.

What does it mean?

  • It means feeding tens of thousands of orphans and widows from India to Belize to Haiti to Kenya.
  • It means building a new future for families living in hopeless poverty.
  • It means rescuing children from being violated by grown men and women in the wickedness of the sex trade.
  • It means bringing clean, safe water to millions of people.

Now that you can hear, you have a choice. You can ignore it…or you can rise up, step up and do something great with your life.

When you give to King’s Ransom Foundation, 100% of your donation goes straight to the poor. Our expenses are all funded by a private corporate sponsor, so your donation never goes to salaries, buildings, or jets. Our board is all volunteers.

Why? Because we hear the cry of the poor and we are passionate about answering it.

If you share that passion, then join our worldwide team of advocates for the poor.

Welcome to the team.

We are King’s Ransom Foundation.