Building Homes

GOAL: $15,000 RAISED - 2024 : $20,263

Building Homes


For most people, that word conjures up feelings of safety and peace.

But for millions of people, “home” is just a dream that continues to elude them.

Tens of thousands of families are raising their children in and around the slums of cities all across the world.

During the day, they sift through tons of garbage, searching for food to serve their children, clothes, and maybe something they can clean up and sell.

At night, they cover their children with dirty blankets on a dirt floor. They shelter them from the elements, whether it’s rain, snow, or even just the hot sun. No bed to lie on and no safety from the wildlife that can come around, most of these people live in garbage and only have the luxury of using scraps they find around them.

A majority of this population may be mothers whose husbands have died or left. Some are men who have been traumatized and are unable to build a life for themselves because of their inability to process what they’ve experienced. Others may be children who have lost their parents and have no where to go but the streets.

Humans don’t let other humans live like this.

We need to take action because it is the right thing to do. It could have been you. It could have been your children.

We have built over 1,700 homes in Nicaragua alone. Each concrete-block house costs $5,200, and includes things we take for granted, like indoor toilets, a studio-size kitchen, and a locking door.

Your gift of any amount right now ensures that a family will have a safe place to call home.

When we started our first project, building 1,000 homes to care for the poorest of the world’s poor in Nicaragua, we didn’t know how we would do it, or if anyone would even want to help. But thanks to people like you from all over the world, we not only built those 1,000 permanent, concrete-block homes with indoor plumbing, we also provided sustainable gardens, chicken coops, and community centers where residents can learn a trade or other marketable skills.

That project was a dream come true, but there are still thousands of families living in dumps and slums all over the world. These families live in such poverty they can barely meet their basic needs for food, have little access to safe, clean drinking water and are in desperate need of safe housing. Your gift will keep them safe and give them a foundation to build upon for generations to come.

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