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Feed Orphans

Famine, war, and terrorism have left untold numbers of children orphaned, alone, and helpless in places like India, Belize, Mexico, Israel, and Africa. 100% of your donation goes directly to the orphans in the nation you choose.

Build Homes

Over 2 million Nicaraguans are homeless. Your donation is building homes for the poorest of the poor, giving them a new chance at life!


King's Ransom has an office in Israel, where an Orthodox Rabbi cares for the poor, the widow, and the distressed in the land of the Bible.

United States

While we reach around the world to serve the poor, we also care for the poor, the homeless, the abused, and the trafficked here in the U.S.A.

Rescue Children From The Sex Trade

Around the world, millions of children are caught in slavery, bought and sold as property and used for sex. Your donation helps us to get them out of that life, give them a home, food, counseling, an education, and hope.