Single Moms

GOAL: $20,000 RAISED - 2024 : $4,364

We have a story to tell…

It’s no secret that the last 2 years have been hard, but for a select group of people, there have been unique obstacles that have caused even more hardship than the typical person might find for themselves. We don’t say this to compare, as everyone’s struggle is unique, but nonetheless, we feel that it is very important to shed some light on a group of people who face an especially difficult struggle.

For single moms, life is already hard, but the pandemic made things increasingly difficult. You see, single moms already raise kids alone while trying to provide for themselves and their families. Often, these moms work two or more jobs to make ends meet, which can usually swallow up more than 60 hours of their week. They come home exhausted but still have the responsibility of feeding their children and making sure things are in order.

The pandemic added an extra wrinkle. These moms who already found themselves struggling to create time for their children had to piece together a plan for how to approach day-to-day life because of schools closing down and kids having to learn from home.

The story goes deeper. A mom in our local community experienced rather unique circumstances. She and her whole family caught COVID. This mom worked in the healthcare industry and was already struggling to keep up with the expenses life had thrown her way. But now, she was unable to work. She has expended every ounce of overtime and is struggling to stay afloat. She also had to care for her sick kids while trying to get back to full health herself.

Our eyes turn to the hurting, and we are not blind to the struggles of those within our own community. You see, this wonderful, hard-working mom is just one of many who face a similar battle. We want to help this mom and others like her and provide them with the support they need. So, how can we make an impact in the lives of these moms and their families?

Well, our goal is to help equip these moms for success. We want to put a stick in the spoke of poverty’s tires and end it in its tracks. Our mission is to help support single mothers so they can breathe again and also find ways to create community connections; to help these moms invest more time and focus into the next generation. We need your help.

If you see the hurting and hear the cries of these moms, then join us in supporting this amazing community of people. We ask that you consider giving to help us relieve the unbearable pressure these single parents feel on a daily basis. The moms who enter our program will receive the opportunity to receive training that will equip them with the skills of mastering their finances, owning their time, and more. Our goal is to create a connected community of single moms who can support each other and work to end generational poverty.

For $75 a day, you can help a family struggling to stay afloat. You can help take a family from surviving to thriving. Help us destroy poverty and stop it from affecting the next generation. We thank all those who have joined us in declaring freedom in the lives of those who are suffering. Thank you for answering the call for an overlooked part of society.

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