Light To Israel

GOAL: $500,000 RAISED - 2021 : $129,435

Right now, the vibrant, bustling streets and markets of Israel’s cities and town are silent. Like a ghost town. It’s like Shabbat, but instead of one day of blessed rest, it’s seven days of dread and anxiety.


Obviously, 2020 was a brutal year for most nations around the world. Lockdowns have crushed even some of the strongest economies, and people everywhere are struggling to keep food on the table. But lockdowns are especially hard in the vibrant face-to-face economy of Israel.

Families that have been in business for generations are losing their livelihoods. Some have already lost much more.

Worse, many of the charities that sustain the poor, the orphans and the widows are struggling to keep their doors open, helping fewer and fewer people each day, while the need for assistance is growing by the hour.

I’m asking you to help us serve Israel during this crucial time when things look most bleak.

For a long time, we had a core group of people who were committed to serving Israel, just like we have had groups that were deeply committed to the orphans in India, rescuing children from sex trafficking, or building homes in Nicaragua. Over time, many of them have found other interests.

Will you step forward?

I would love to personally greet you and welcome you to the team and if you are ready to get started, you can click on the link here.

What will you do next?

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