Kings Ransom is one of the few organizations I know where 100% of every dollar I give goes directly to those most in need. If you desire to make a lasting impact for good in the world, Kings Ransom is fertile soil where you can sow into. Thank you KRF for all you do to help so many! Blessings!

100% goes to help those in real need. Not giant builds to hold hundreds of people.. just saying..Church is where two or more are gathered..hmmm… God Bless Kings Ransom Foundation🙏🙏

Sex trafficking is real. I can’t even type what I really wanted to say because Facebook would censor me. If this subject even remotely stirs something in you please consider giving or just sharing this page. This organization gives 100% of your donation to those in need. I’m not talking welfare need where someone needs food because their smartphone bill was too high. I’m talking about those that have been tormented by evil people and kids that are being raped and people that have no shelter or safe water. If it makes you want to puke please make a donation. If you want to @$%@&%#$$^ up anyone that can do that to someone or anyone who takes advantage of anyone else in that manner please give as much as you possibly can and partner with me. PM me for details.