This organization makes a difference in the world taking care of those who have been oppressed!!100% of donations go to the cause – no overhead is paid out by what’s given!!!

The impact and partnership with this organization has been amazing to experience and partner with. The honor given to both those being served and those who support this mission is unique and outstanding!

The King’s Ransom Foundation is a SAFE and RELIABLE place to give money to, and they have always impressed me with their care to such details. Very few organizations give 100% of all they are given directly to the need. I’m grateful for the Kings Ransom Foundation hearing the cry of the poor and needy. I’m thankful that I get to partner with them to solve problems and care for those in true need. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a good organization to give money to.

I love that you have created a place for our tithing money to go to that goes directly to help the widow, the poor and the orphan. So amazing

This ministry is 100 percent full of integrity. They are helping feed orphaned children and rescuing abandoned babies in South Africa

This ministry is truly transparent and 100% of the donations goes to those in need. You can see the difference they are making in the world. So grateful for this organization!!