King’s Ransom Foundation has a deep love for the people of Central America. They are beautiful, creative, enthusiastic people, doing their best to survive where unimaginable poverty and violence are a way of life.

In Belize, where poverty is especially severe, children are left to fend for themselves…abandoned, neglected, or orphaned. Many follow a path of crime or prostitution. Few make it to adulthood.

Your gift turns the tables on these trends. King’s Ransom is pleased to partner with orphanages and shelters dedicated to providing a better life for the poorest of Belize’s poor. When you give to King’s Ransom, 100% of your gift goes directly to where the children will receive it.

After caring for over 170,000 orphans around the world, we’ve found that it costs about $99 to provide each child a safe shelter, food, clothing, and an education for a month. Consider giving a monthly gift to ensure that a child has a stable future.