Tom’s Orphanage

This is a story about a man named Tom and an orphanage that he created. Thanks to your support, we can fund this orphanage and provide for the needs of these children. This is Tom’s story, a true story…

A community was hurting in the nation of Kenya. Children were suffering from a lack of food, education, and love within the city of Bungoma. However, in January 2008, this small community found hope. Brother Tom, a man with a heart for the poor opened a place where kids could receive free primary education and eat both breakfast and lunch. The youngest, which were those just old enough to learn received free supper. They were able to live from their parent’s home while this happened. For a short period, they did this consistently, helping to provide education and nutrition to young children.

However, things changed quickly. Soon, most of the parents and guardians of these children became jealous and grew bitter. Their family had no food to put on the table, and yet these children were fed. So, some of the children were removed from school and forced to work as housemaids and cattle herders. Brother Tom and his team of people worked to return as many of the kids to school as he could, and for the most part, they were able to successfully return many of the students.

Then, things took a turn for the worst. Some of the guardians of these children chased them from their homes, orphaning many of them. But Tom was determined. He took 9 kids into his own home, but many more still needed help. In response to the growing number of abandoned children, Tom officially established the KIDSICO orphanage.

After this move by Tom, some of the townsfolk became bitter as they realized that the children they chased away were valuable for their labor. So, in an act of retaliation, these people poisoned 3 dairy cows in the middle of the night, killing them.

Things only got worse. One evening, a man came to their home, calling for Tom’s daughter Esther. She came, and he grabbed her, putting a knife to her throat, telling her to take the poison or he would kill her himself. She drank the poison and the man ran away, disposing of the poison bottle. When Gladys, Tom’s wife, found her, she called Tom and they were able to quickly take her to a hospital for treatment. By the grace of God, she received the treatment she needed and recovered.

3 days after this traumatic event, one of the members of the committee came and warned them that more was to come. Soon, another trick from the committee came into play. They gave an old woman 10 ripe bananas that had been poisoned and told her to give them to the children of the orphanage, hoping that the government would shut down the orphanage after having 10 deaths in one day. So, the woman went and offered the bananas to the children. Thankfully, Gladys was present and had the woman leave the orphanage so she was unsuccessful in selling or giving away a single banana.

Things hit a low point for Tom and the children. They had sold everything they had to pay for food but found themselves starving. Tom, desperate for answers, went to the mountains to pray and fast, hoping for God to help the young, fledging orphanage. That’s when you came along: The King’s Ransom community. Waiting for Tom when he returned was $12,000 sent from King’s Ransom Foundation. They were able to buy food, and a cheerful Tom found hope.

They were then able to buy one and a half acres of land and construct two classrooms. They also bought 48 mattresses, blankets, and bedsheets, and they even built a kitchen. In 2009, we officially partnered with this orphanage and they are able to buy food and pay the teachers thanks to what we provide for them. The day we officially announced our support, Tom told us that they all cried and rejoiced in gratitude for this answer to prayer.

Because of the orphanage, children who would be sold into slavery and forced to toil and labor all their lives can live a somewhat normal childhood and have the hope of a future. Little girls as young as 12 years old have been rescued from being forced to marry, which is often done in return for a dowry that can provide as many as 12 cows. We have rescued children from sex trafficking thanks to our partnership with this wonderful orphanage and the children that are cared for by Tom and his staff have a future and hope. They are loved and cared for by the staff as if they were their own children.

But wait, there’s more. Since only having one classroom, the orphanage just completed their twelfth, one for each grade, which means that the orphanage provides education for all 12 grades. The school is also one of the highest-rated in the region, providing a quality education for all who attend. Also, last year they launched a trade school, teaching woodworking and welding classes for the boys and sewing classes for the girls. They also feed elderly widows whose lives have been destroyed by a local war. Unfortunately, due to the bad reputation of the people these widows’ husbands were associated with, many of these widows have a hard time finding the resources needed to provide for their families. Brother Tom has also made a place for the younger widows to attend the trade schools and they provide care for them. Between the orphanage and the school, there are currently around 500 children cared for, which does not even include the 25 elderly widows, along with their families that are also cared for.

This story is not about King’s Ransom. No, it is about you and God. You are the willing vessel by which we are able to feed the mouths of these orphans. You are the one who answers the call to provide for the poor. It is you that changes the lives of millions. It is God that gave us the opportunity and He is the one who connected us with Tom and this amazing orphanage. Now, you feed orphans, saving children from dangerous situations and providing for their future. Thank you for your support! If you want to feed the mouths of more orphans, please consider giving to our African Nations fund, which impacts the Kidisco orphanage.

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