Paola’s Story – The Hidden Gems of Zapote

This is a story about a young girl named Paola. Thanks to your support, we have been able to help feed and care for Paola, her mother Sara, and her grandmother Rosa. This is Paola’s story, a true story…

Embarking on the journey to Zapote, a hidden gem nestled along a winding riverbed, you’ll encounter a trio that paints a poignant picture of resilience and love: Paola, her mother Sara, and her grandmother Rosa.

In this remote village, where the river doubles as the road, accessibility is a challenge, especially when the rainy season descends, rendering the village reachable only by foot or horseback.

Sara, a single mother, is the pillar of strength for her family. Paola, at 15, faces life with cerebral palsy, a condition that renders her unable to walk. In order to get around, she must be carried which is hard because Paola is heavy for her mother and grandmother. Despite the absence of phone service, electrical lines, or running water in this rural enclave, the visits of the organization we partner with in Nicaragua become an unexpected delight for the family.

Paola, always a clean and well-cared-for presence, reflects the profound love and dedication Sara pours into her care. In the simplicity of their lives, the care bestowed upon Paola becomes a living testament to the embodiment of God’s love. She, in her unique way, personifies perfection.

Each surprise visit becomes a bridge between worlds, connecting the isolated village to a broader network of support. The monthly food packets they receive are not just sustenance; they are transformative, injecting vitality into their daily lives and kindling hope.

In the tranquil embrace of Zapote, where the river winds its course and the landscape is a patchwork of simplicity and challenges, Paola, Sara, and Rosa stand as a beacon of love and resilience, defying the limitations imposed by their rural abode.