It's been in the news for weeks. You've seen it. Once AGAIN, Israel and the Gaza Strip are under attack from their neighbors... just as they have been since the days of Abraham. It's the same fight – with the same unrelenting enemy – just "modernized" with a NEW weapon: the kite bomb!

I'm mentioning this today, because I want to give you hope.

Yes... HOPE!

You see, while it's painful to watch these stories play over and over in the news, I'll bet you didn't know YOU are actively involved in this story. You are part of our Father's salvation for the suffering people of this region. Surprised?!? Keeping reading...

Eyewitness Accounts Bring It Home

Here's the story, according to our friends on the scene:

In the northwestern corner of the Negev desert, just 7 kilometers (4.3 mi.) from the Gaza border, the farmers of moshav [collective settlement] Talmei Yosef grow the most delicious passion fruit, papayas and pineapples. The community of Talmei Yosef was shaken by devastating fire this past Sunday in one of their crop fields.

A 'fire kite' – an ordinary child's kite with an explosive attached – landed next to the passion fruit vines, setting fire to nearby brush. Within minutes, fire ravaged the vines filled with ripe fruit. The farmer had planned to harvest his passion fruit crop this week; now he is contemplating his losses.

Jonny Dishi, a farmer from the community, tells us the GREATEST loss is the three-year investment of time, labor and money spent preparing the vines to bear export-quality fruit. Since Talmei Yosef is located in the desert, where pollinating insects are rare, each passion fruit flower is hand-pollinated to bring forth fruit. Now, all that's left of this hard labor is tens of thousands of passion fruit cooked inside their blackened skins.

Additionally, the specialized cabling, used to set up the vines, has been also been ruined. The protective coating has been melted away and the cable will now rust and perish in the elements. 'We cannot save anything from these fields,' says Dishi. 'They will need to be completely cleared and we must start from scratch.'”

But, Hope DOES Spring Eternal In Gaza!

But this isn't just another story, playing on an eternal loop, going in one ear and out the other. See, YOU haven't just heard about the pain, you have responded! Your gifts, designated specifically for Israel, go directly to our friends – the Levites, busy on the scene, bringing aid to the victims. YOU bring our Father's love to your Jewish brothers and sisters in real-time, through the Levitical priesthood, just as Deuteronomy commands.

And, the story doesn't end here. The horror continues. The destruction continues. The need continues. So, these people – and their communities – still need your continuing help! We've made it easy for you... just make your donation to the peoples of Israel and Gaza right here:


To learn more about our work in the Gaza Strip area, you can just click here. And, to SEE the impact you make – in real-time – join our social media communities: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Don't just watch the news... MAKE news!

If you are uncertain what the Bible says about tithing, watch this video to gain an insight from Scripture that most people overlook:

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