Year In Review 2019

If you’re the type who likes to track trends in our culture, here’s an interesting one that has gotten stronger in 2019:

People are leaving behind the pursuit of what people call “success” in favor of “significance.” They are less interested in cluttering up their lives with the trappings of opulence, and instead are using their time and resources to make an impact in the world. They have awakened to the realization that, when you leave this life, people won’t remember the car you drove. Instead, they will remember how you made them feel.

Pursuing Significance in 2019

King’s Ransom Foundation isn’t just a non-profit; it’s a cloud of people who want to make their mark on the world in the form of making others’ lives better. There’s no easier place to do that than to serve the poor, the hopeless, and the forgotten ones. There are billions of them, and so opportunities abound.

For example, we found that:

  • You can feed an orphan for an entire month for about the price of a burger and fries. (Of course, if you’re at the airport, you can’t even get the fries for that price!!)
  • For pennies per person, we can install a water filtration system that will provide a village with clean, drinkable water for the rest of their lives!
  • There are thousands of single moms doing the best they can to raise their children in and around the garbage dumps of Central America.

If you want to build a life of significance, just look around. The opportunities are waiting for you.

By The Numbers

Here is some hard evidence of what you achieved in 2019 alone:

  • RESCUE: We cared for 1,759 children who had been rescued from sex trafficking in the USA and beyond.
  • FOOD & SUPPLIES: We provided food to 608,234 people in places like India, Belize, Mexico, Israel, Guatemala, Kenya, and even here in the USA.
  • HOMES: We built 499 houses for the single moms in the dumps of Nicaragua (bringing our total homes to 2,000!).
  • WATER: We have provided clean, safe drinking water for life to 2,428,200 people around the world!
  • DISASTER CLEANUP: We served over 20,000 people cleaning up after Hurricane Dorian struck The Bahamas.

Here’s just one video we received from our food distributions in the poorest parts of Nicaragua:


We want you to experience the rich sense of accomplishment that comes from making a life-changing difference for someone you may never meet. Own it. This is part of your legacy.

Thank you for all you did to serve the world with King’s Ransom Foundation in 2019.