Who We Help

100% Of Every Dollar That You Give Goes Directly To Supporting Organizations Around The World

With the help of our generous donors, King’s Ransom is able to support 40 unique organizations that are saving children, raising leaders, and transforming generations around the world. These organizations have “boots on the ground” in dozens of nations, speak the local languages, and provide food, shelter, water, medical aid, spiritual care, education and life skills.
These circles represent just four of the types of work your giving is doing around the world.

Orphans Rescued

You provided hope and a future to thousands of orphans in need of a home, education, food, and health care.

Child Sex Slaves Rescued

Over 150,000 children are trafficked world wide in the sex trade every single year. With the help of our organizations we are able to rescue these children and provide a safe home where they can discover the healing that comes through Christ.

People Receiving Food/Water

Globally 1.5 million people die every year as a direct result of malnutrition. You are helping organizations around the world to provide nutritious food and clean water to communities in need.

Homes Built

With rampant poverty across Central America and the Caribbean, some do the best they can to sustain themselves and raise their families in the garbage dumps. Your giving is building communities of permanent homes where these people can break the cycle of poverty.

Numbers are from our 2016 Impact Report.

Organizations We Support