''Saw'' was 8 years old and abandoned by her family when we found her.

She was covered with a thick layer of mud. What we learned was that an older woman in the village had done this so the men and boys who were watching her would not be tempted to rape her. To those who work with trafficked children, it was a tell-tale sign that she was used to being exploited, but if you ask her, she will not say.

The Chinese Coup d’e’tat Army has opened the borders for Chinese men to vacation in Vietnam. The soldiers are not allowed to marry, due to the one-child-per-household restrictions in place across China. So they go to Vietnam and find bar girls to smuggle back to China for sex or domestic slavery.

That leaves the traffickers in Vietnam short-handed. They need more sex workers, so they travel around Southeast Asia, kidnapping children (or buying them from the parents) and putting them to work performing sex acts in brothels and massages parlors. These children are locked in a prison of sex and torture from which they might never escape.

This is the lowest form of human depravity.

King’s Ransom Foundation is working to rescue children from the brothels of Southeast Asia. When you donate, 100% of your gift goes directly to:

  • Rescue children from the back alleys and seedy hotels of cities like Saigon
  • Give them shelter, food, and clothing
  • Educate them
  • Equip them to be successful adults and raise their own families.

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