Any code of ethics is built on a foundation of widely-shared values. King’s Ransom Foundation upholds these values:

  • Accountability to God and a desire to help the needy in Jesus’ name.
  • Commitment to the public good – we will share what we have to help the hurting.
  • Respect for the worth and dignity of individuals.
  • Promoters of social justice in Jesus’ name
  • Transparency, integrity, and honesty in all that we do.
  • Responsible stewardship of resources.
  • The Foundation will compensate staff and any others who may receive compensation, reasonably and appropriately.
  • The Foundation will not accumulate operating funds excessively.
  • The Foundation will make donations consistent with donor intent and to support the public purpose of the organization and appropriate to fulfill the mission of the organization.
  • All financial reports are factually accurate and complete in all material respects.
  • Commitment to excellence and to maintaining the public trust.

Administrative expenses are covered by a corporate sponsor. This sponsor ensures that all expenditures are prudent and necessary for the effective operation of the Foundation. Having this corporate sponsor means that 100% of the funds received from outside of the sponsor are passed directly through to the needy.