King’s Ransom has helped the people of Haiti since 2010 when they were hit with a horrific earthquake, and we are not stopping now!


Kadwa is a small village of about 2,000 people located in the lush region of central Haiti. Isolated by distance, mountainous terrain, and lack of vehicles, the people of this close-knit community are engaged in a daily struggle for survival.


Food is difficult to come by, and clean water is not available without walking many miles. Their housing is sub-standard and unfit for human habitation. Many of the people in the village farm, but due to their remote location, most of what they raise they keep for themselves, so the community struggles economically. Sugar cane is the most common crop in this area, and the resident of Kadwa do farm it. But without the ability to process it into a marketable form, it doesn’t have the economic value to the community that it could.


The people of Kadwa do their best to care for each other. Their community leader, Pastor Benisier Joseph, has lived here his entire life. Since coming to Christ in 1980, he has dedicated his entire life to serving his neighbors. He has prayed for help and deliverance for Kadwa for decades. We believe God wants to answer his prayers through YOU.


King’s Ransom is partnering with Dani Johnson, Do Much Good and Food for the Poor to help transform the community of Kadwa in 2014.


There Are three main components to this project:


Safe housing – Together, we hope to raise enough money to build 60 two-room homes in Kadwa.  These homes are built with hurricane and earthquake-resistant materials, with metal roofs, a water catchment system, sanitation unit, and secure doors and windows.   The cost of each home is $6,400.


Clean, safe water – Engineers from Water Missions International are even now investigating the best way to provide a clean safe, always-on water supply for Kadwa.  Typical solutions are a solar-powered spring or creek-fed filtration system that will purify 10,000 gallons of water per day…enough to support an entire community of this size.   Estimated cost:  $35,000.


Sustainability Project – Sustainability Project – This project will provide the people of Kadwa with a means to support themselves.  Food For The Poor Development Experts and Project Managers are already exploring the best options for this.  It might be a sugar cane-processing facility, for example.  Specific solution and cost to be determined.


Your gifts will make all of this possible.  Gifts of all sizes are needed to help save this community.  Will you pray about how God can use you and your family to be a part of this miracle?

So… what are you waiting for…

Let’s do this!

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