Think back to your school days.

When you were growing up, did you have a favorite teacher -- one you looked forward to seeing every day?

When I was in fifth grade, Mrs. Fowler made me feel like I could do anything and become anyone I wanted to be. Coming off my parents' divorce, any encouraging word felt like a warm chocolate-chip cookie. She posted my poems and short stories on the wall outside her classroom door, so other students and teachers could read them. The one time she was cross with me, I went out to my cubby and cried because I felt so bad that I had let her down.

Who's your "warm cookie" teacher?

I got a message yesterday from the Sons of the Martyred Ones in India. If you're new the King's Ransom family, we helped rescue 300 boys who became orphans when they were force to watch as their parents were tortured, raped, and burned to death for their Christian faith. You and I will never be able to relate to that level of trauma.

And yet, these boys persevered after losing their homes and families, wandering the streets looking for food. They ended up finding their way to an orphanage run by Christian missionary, Brother Harry Gomes.

But in 2015, we got word that the Indian government had cracked down on Christian missions, especially orphanages. They packed the boys on a train and hauled them back to the hometowns where they had had their lives ripped away from them. But the King's Ransom family stepped in.

As it turns out, while Indians are often hostile to Christianity, they exalt education above other values. So, helped the orphanage reorganize as a school, and the government backed off for awhile.

The boys in this school hold their teachers in very high esteem. The pictures on the right show the recent Teacher Appreciation Day they held for their faculty.

When the Indians show honor, it's not apple-on-the-teacher's-desk or a Starbuck's gift card. It's a ceremony, where the students come out and demonstrate their honor for their teacher.

Please take a moment to enjoy the photos of that day. While we don't have alot of information about each photo, I think you can get the heart of what is happening, and how these boys love their teachers.

You made this day possible. If you've never given to our work for the poor in India, take a moment to visit the India page and get know this powerful work that is bringing a generation of hope and light to India.

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