We are so grateful for the work of our friends at Hosean International Ministries in Haiti. Pastor Caleb and Debbie Lucien have been serving the Haitians for many years and were among the first to initiate relief efforts after the storm passed.

The devastation is significant in an area that is still recovering from the earthquake six years ago.

Last week, we gave you an update on their progress. Today, we got another letter with more detail on the cleanup efforts. Our prayers go out to them as they set about the exhausting work of rebuilding and caring for so many people.

We also created a separate giving page specifically for HIM. To make a tax-deductible donation, simply click here.


Moving Forward
First of all, let me say how grateful we are to all of YOU who have supported us to go to the people affected by Hurricane Matthew. Many continue to empower us to go and make a difference and we are excited to see the Lord’s provision. The last week has been one of travel from northern to southern coast here in Haiti.
Last Sunday I was preaching at the Evangelical Free Church of Cap Haitian in the north and I was so encouraged to see the generosity of the believers there. Above their regular offering the church members sacrificially gave the equivalent of $4,800 USD. Tuesday of this week, 20 church members loaded up on a school bus to travel 14 hours to the southern coastal city of Torbeck to help rebuild a school and church. Sleeping on the bus, these volunteers gave of their time to help give this other church a chance to rebuild their lives. It was encouraging to see the church in action.
After we helped get their supplies delivered, we went to the community of Ducise to replace the roof of a large church building with their local Pastor Yvon. Unfortunately after driving 30 minutes and almost to the site, several local residents decided to lead a roadblock to protest the conditions of the road. The local pastor tried to go out and reason with the guys, but they weren’t having it. From experience, we know it’s not worth risking vehicles or volunteer safety so we had to return to plan delivery for another day. The good news is that Pastor Yvon had a team of workers in place, so that project is now finished and they should be celebrating Sunday services there tomorrow.
Following a day of purchased supply distribution (given by many of YOU)-we spent the second morning checking on previous recipients as to how their roof replacements were going. Supplies for over 300 roofs have been gotten to the local area. Our process looks like this: local Rotarians who already work in the city of Les Cayes, volunteered to scout out those in need, with damaged or missing roofs. Once this was confirmed, vouchers were given to the homeowners so they could pick them up and coordinate the project.This was an important step because it confirmed the need and also allowed the owners the dignity of getting the supplies, rather than having to stand in a public line and possibly fight it out. By going back this week, we were able to check with owners and see where their projects stood. We ran into one lady who had gotten the supplies, only to realize it was worse that originally assessed and she also needed treated lumber. This evaluation process allowed more resources to get to her on the spot so she could schedule the work to begin immediately. Of the half dozen homes we visited in several neighborhoods, the last was literally being nailed in as we arrived. It was great to see the family members present knowing they’d have a dry place to sleep that night. It was raining almost our entire time there so the need for shelter remains a critical one. Our driver is returning to take down 1,500 blankets, 3000 more sheets of tin roof and 200 (2X4’s) and we will continue to work with our partners to make life a little better for the families.
     As we left the south Thursday, we saw more damage has been done through major flooding from heavy rains this week in Aquin, Anse a Veau and reports have been given of major flooding in the Artibonite as well. It is overwhelming. The US Ambassador to Haiti put it best in a recent meeting when he said: “From the air it is devastating, but from the ground it is heartbreaking.”
     In the next month, we will seek to raise enough to purchase 25,000 sheets of tin roof, 3000-2X4X16 lumber, and 9000 pieces of 1X4X16. Our goal will be to help get children back to school as most schools in the area have been damaged. Please, we ask your prayers so that we can reach that goal. Here is the budget:
25,000 sheets of tin roof @ $3/ea.………….$75,000
3000 2X4X16 @ $12/ea.………………………..$36,000
9000 1X4X16 @ $4.60/ea.……………………..$41,400
100 cases of nails (various size)……………..$1,200
Total:   $178,600
This is our goal we are entrusting it to the Lord. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for standing with us to be His hands and feet.
Caleb and Debbie Lucien
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