If you've been in a church at least ONCE in your life, you've probably heard someone talk about tithing – the principle behind giving one-tenth of your income to the local church. And while some churches have moved away from the word "tithe" and just call it "giving," the principle remains the same. It's how churches FUND their entire operating budget... and usually a highlighted part of their services. It usually starts with this DIRE warning from the prophet, Malachi:

"Should people cheat God? Yet, you have cheated me! "But you ask, ‘What do you mean? When did we ever cheat you?’ "You have cheated me of the tithes and offerings due to me. You are under a curse, for your whole nation has been cheating me. "Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, so there will be enough food in my Temple. If you do," says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, "I will open the windows of heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to take it in! Try it! Put me to the test! Your crops will be abundant, for I will guard them from insects and disease. Your grapes will not fall from the vine before they are ripe," says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. "Then all nations will call you blessed, for your land will be such a delight," says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.

Malachi 3:6-12 (New Living Translation)

YIKES!!! Blessings if I bring the tithe to my church, CURSES if I don't. Then they will turn to II Corinthians 9:7, which says:

"You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure. For God loves a person who gives cheerfully."

(They usually don't mention the context for this passage, which is actually about caring for the poor in Jerusalem.) AND, if they are really sophisticated, they'll call on Hebrews 7:1-2 (NLT):

"When Abraham was returning home after winning a great battle against the kings, Melchizedek met him and blessed him. Then Abraham took a tenth of all he had captured in battle and gave it to Melchizedek."

BOOM! Abraham tithed, so you should tithe. 'Nuf said... right?! Just drop your tithe in the bucket on your way out the door. (Oh, and don't forget to add offerings, which are over and ABOVE the tithe.) Makes you look at the that "give us your tithes and offerings" line in a whole new light! BUT...!

Confused About The Tithe?

However, some churches now teach tithing is passé! They teach the church currently operates under "new law" and all the Old Testament laws are dead – including the TITHE! So, what exactly are we SUPPOSED to believe? When we talk about a principle God put into motion with His people (the Jews), honestly, shouldn't we go back to the original Jewish source material? Consider this – what IF, we've completely misunderstood how tithing is supposed to work? What if it's not MEANT for the church? What if, maybe... just maybe... we're missing a crucial piece of information about tithing that enables us to make some sense out of all this confusion?!

HERE Are Answers That Make Sense!

Back in February of this year, in front of a live conference audience (and across the internet), Dani Johnson dropped a major "Truth Bomb" about the tithe – a truth even tithing CHURCHES don't talk about. She took it directly from the Book of Deuteronomy, Chapter 14. Now, normally we do a little "teaser" about what she says, but I'm not going to say another word about it and just let you hear it for yourself. Then YOU can decide what you want to do with this information. WATCH IT NOW Then, after you've learned the REAL truth behind the tithe, consider sharing the word within your circle of influence. And, you can join like-minded individuals in our online communities:  FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube! Thanks to such amazing hearts we count among our KRF family – hearts who support and sustain our hearts AND missions – we can continue to follow HIS mission and word worldwide!

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