When you set a big goal, it brings BIG challenges… stretching you to reach further than ever have before. When you set a HUGE goal, it forces you to seek outside help and support.

But when you set an OUTRAGEOUS, LIFE-CHANGING goal… well, NOW you have to build a team of people, who share a common vision and unified passion.

And that’s exactly what we did in January 2015. We saw a need for safe, clean, permanent housing in one of the poorest nations on Earth – and took action. We set an outrageous goal to build 1,000 homes in Nicaragua. At $5,200 per home, it put our goal at a staggering $5.2 MILLION!

Business coach Dani Johnson led the charge. From the beginning, Dani’s overwhelming compassion for the poorest of the world’s poor spearheaded this campaign… and her vision to make a difference saw it through to completion. Now, we can actually see that “Finish Line” – just $143,000 separates us from our original goal! And Dani wanted to personally thank some of the team, who worked so tirelessly alongside her, to literally bring this project home.

Over 300 individuals and groups created online fundraising pages for this project. Together they raised almost $2.5 million, just among their friends and families. It’s difficult to find even one person in this world who will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to achieve your goals, but it’s truly rare to find someone who will labor with you… when there’s NOTHING in it for them. We have 332 people who gave their time, influence and money, to serve the poorest of the poor – people who will never be able to give them anything, in return. Such an admirable display of character… and one that should not go unheralded!

So, Dani Johnson wants to honor them, personally:

Now take a moment to pat yourself on the back, you deserve it, for being involved in such a world-changing community of people… people who affect REAL change, through the love of Christ. Thank you for everything you have done – and CONTINUE to do – to save children, raise leaders and transform generations!

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