Thailand is world-famous for its sex tourism industry. City streets are lined with brothels throughout the country, and in most of those brothels, the ones performing sex acts are children.


Many come from extremely poor families. Their parents sold them to the brothel because they couldn't feed them. Sometimes, the parents traded their child for a new television.

It's sickening to think about, but it happens every day.
These children turn between ten and twenty tricks a day, being molested, raped, or beaten by wealthy American tourists in poorly-lit, filthy rooms.

If they get pregnant, they are forced into abortions on site, and then sent back to their rooms to perform more sex acts - THE SAME NIGHT!

It has to STOP!

Your donation of any size goes to rescuing children from this nightmare, giving them a safe home to live in, food, clothing, drug treatment, and setting them up with skills to be successful adults with their own families.

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