Every day, I talk with people who say they want to make a real difference in the world, but their current financial situation has limited how much they can give. I think – on some level – everyone wants to have a bigger impact on the world…especially those who love to give. And the King’s Ransom family has been blessed with an extraordinarily large number of such people!

This desire can fuel you to start making just a couple of tiny, incremental changes, which could greatly impact how much you can give. Just as pennies EVENTUALLY become dollars, you need to remember, at first this process is incremental. It doesn’t magically accelerate your giving overnight… but once you get that ball rolling, you’ll be amazed at how your contributions to the causes most important to you, can grow.


If you get a “Super-Size-Me” fast food lunch for work every day, or a Venti Double Backflip Half CocoSoy Vanilla Latte each morning, consider just going down one size. Get the medium fries or the grande drink. When you get home, take the 67 cents (or whatever the difference) you didn’t spend and move it into your giving account.

If you do your banking online, you might want to set up a separate account just for giving. Then you can move saved money into it on the fly. It doesn’t sound like much, but if you do it every workday for a month, you’ll save anywhere from $12 to $20 monthly. Tons of donors send us that much each month – and the orphans who receive it are most grateful.

Want to accelerate your impact? Drop the “Fourbucks Coffee” habit and move that money to the giving account for just ONE month and your impact goes from $20 to $120!

The same process works at the grocery store. Put the bag of chips, box of cookies, and 12-pack of soda back on the shelf and move $11 into your giving account.

Three dollars at the convenience store doesn’t sound like much until you get to the end of the month and see it’s added up to $60-$70!

As an added benefit of all these decisions, you’ll be healthier and lose weight. Win-Win!


For better or worse, entertainment represents a huge part of the American lifestyle. Some people (and I’m not naming names, here) like to have the TV, radio, and phone going simultaneously, from the minute they get home until they collapse into bed. Unfortunately, it’s costing them in ways that never occurred to them.

This month, as a trial, switch off all the electronic devices and unplug the wi-fi two hours before you go to bed. Take up reading. Give everyone in the house a 3-minute shower timer. Turn your A/C settings two degrees above normal and leave them there. Now, sit back and watch your electric bills drop… and move the difference into your giving account.

During those two hours of freedom from electromagnetic bombardment, at the end of the day, compose a letter, write down your steps toward a goal, plan the next day, go for a walk, make popcorn, set out your clothes for tomorrow or play a board game with your family. Switch it up and try something different each night.

Plus, you’ll sleep better, because you won’t be subjecting yourself to the blue light emanating from your TV, phone, tablet and computer. That light disrupts your neurotransmitters – telling your brain it’s daytime! – and completely throws your sleep schedule out of whack.

And despite what the media has tried to sell you on the need for “connectivity,” you’ll discover you can feel happy, safe and peaceful while unplugged… while restoring contentment and family harmony. Sure, you may spend that first night staring at the blank screen, but that’s OK. Old habits take time to change.


Most of our donations come through our website, but some donors actually prefer to call-in their gifts. That benefits me: it thrills me to speak with them. More often than not, they get sheepish and apologize about not being able to do more. They’d like to, but they’re just not there, yet. Honestly, we’re grateful for your generosity, no matter the amount. There is no such thing as a small gift!

However, I offer a simple piece of advice to them: you can double your giving with one phone call. Just call a friend and encourage them to give the same amount you gave and you just doubled your impact. Boom! Done!! Simple as that. Do it twice and you’re up 200%. Do it three times and you become an orphan-feeding machine. Your downsizing leads to upsizing…in the best way.

Plus, you saved King’s Ransom money by doing our advertising for us. We don’t spend a dime of your giving on advertising – and never will – because our faithful donor family loves to tell their friends about us. Word-of-mouth is, hands-down, the most effective form of marketing… and it costs nothing! One hundred percent of your gift goes straight to the poor – not to marketing, salaries, software, or other business expenses.


The best part of all – yep, even better than losing weight – God promises us, if we will take care of His business on the earth, He will take care of your business (Isaiah 58). And His business is taking care of the poor, the widow, the orphan, the slave, and the homeless.

Compound those benefits of downsizing and God’s involvement with the Law of Sowing and Reaping (whatever you sow in life, you will reap). If you take some of your abundance and give to help people who have nothing, you will reap that kindness back. Proverbs 19:17 says, “He who cares for the poor lends to the Lord, and He will pay him back.”

In other words, God sweetens the deal so it’s not just you doing all the giving. He personally makes sure you get taken care of, as well.

So, thank you for everything you do to partner with us – and God – in caring for the poor. Together, in large and small increments, we can do anything!

To learn more about the King’s Ransom family and the people you serve around the world, visit KingsRansom.org.

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