Let’s Help Bring the Sons of the Martyred Ones a Hope and a Future! Donate Now!




Just imagine if you had to watch your mother be brutally raped and your parents burned to DEATH just because they loved JESUS! One day everything becomes better, you find yourself in an orphanage where you are loved and cared for THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN you are ripped out of your orphanage because of a change in the government and dropped off in your home town where you lost your loved ones then told you have to fend for yourself. These children are the Sons of the Martyred Ones!!!


King’s Ransom is partnering with Dani Johnson and Jeff Usner, taking a stand to HELP those that can’t care for themselves!


Let’s help Brother Harry Gomes give these children a future. There are plans to build a school where there is free room and board providing them 3 healthy meals a day, clean water, clothing, outstanding education, job training, medical care and so much more.


Will you help us? NOW IS THE TIME to make a difference and to help bring hope to the hopeless.

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