Something Arrived At OUR Office – For YOU!

They were abused, rejected, and abandoned... left to fend for themselves – or starve on the streets – by parents who wouldn't take care of them.

They were hopeless... until you came along.

For many years, King's Ransom Foundation has partnered with an orphanage in Belmopan, Belize. This has been a long-term commitment to these children. And, now, through that relationship, we've had the privilege of watching dozens of children grow into strong, capable adults – all thanks to the visionary leadership of Director Leonie Gillham.

The Family That Grew...And GREW

Starting with just one child, Leonie slowly created a safe place for the MANY orphans of Belize. She faced days when nothing was on the kitchen shelves to feed her children. But through her faith and determination, Leonie ALWAYS found a way to provide for her growing family. Then, in 2012, thanks to all the generous hearts opened by the plight of these children, we secured enough donations to send scores of volunteers in teams to Belize. These selfless individuals helped to construct a new concrete-block home for Leonie's "not-so-little" family... a home with safe wiring, strong doors and windows, and a much larger kitchen.

But, it's not just about shelter and nutritious, hot meals for the children at King's Children Home; they receive an education on life and how to become MORE than anything in their past may try to dictate. And we CONTINUE to support their success! Many of the children go on to university educations or jobs which allow them to provide for a family of their own. They learn to live in a community, to give back and to demonstrate sincere gratitude.

ALL Thanks To You!

And as evidence of this genuine intention, we recently received a GIANT "Thank You!" card from the children. As you can see, they put a great deal of care and enthusiasm into their expressions of thanks.

A colorful way to say "Thank You!" from the children at King's Children Home in Belize.

While this amazing gesture arrived at our office, we KNOW the children were simply entrusting us to "deliver" it to the REAL angels who make this possible – YOU. After all, since your giving made all this possible, we're making SURE you get to see the thanks YOUR generosity fostered! Just as these children treasure you, we give thanks every day for our dynamic community, both on our social media pages – FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube – and through your personal donations, emails, calls and notes. And that's why we offer up prayers for YOU daily... just as we KNOW these children in Belize do, too!

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