If you’ve ever raised children, chances are you wanted to be a good parent.

You wanted to give them an idyllic childhood, in a safe neighborhood with good schools. You guided them to learn positive values and social skills. You did everything to give them nice things, in a nice home.

More than anything, you want to keep them SAFE: safe from danger, safe from bullies, safe from bad influences.

But, what if I told you there is no totally SAFE place left in America?! What do I mean? You can take measures to childproof your home: cover electrical outlets, put gates on stairwells, even cover the burners on your stove. You can teach your kids how to stand up to bullies and say “no” to drugs. Honestly, parents will take on massive debt, commute hours for the highest-paying job they can find, just to make sure their kids live in a “safe” neighborhood.

But “safe” neighborhoods are now a MYTH!

What Does “Safe” Mean To Us…And YOU?

So today, I need to talk really frankly with you about some heavy issues. At King’s Ransom Foundation, we have set our sights on rescuing children from poverty worldwide. We define poverty as:

  • No nourishing food to eat
  • No access to clean, safe drinking water
  • No adequate shelter
  • No suitable clothing to wear

With that as a baseline, we quickly think of the families living in Nicaraguan garbage dumps, or crying toddlers in Africa with bloated tummies as a result of starvation. We MUST address those brutal, heart-wrenching realities… but another level of poverty touches children all around us:

  • No place SAFE from the threat of being trafficked!

Right now, as you read this, 4.5 MILLION children around the world are being bought and sold like property, traded as slaves. If you thought slavery ended with the American Civil War, you were DEAD WRONG. It’s a bigger business now, than ever before!

While some children are sold into forced labor, a growing number are being trafficked like a commodity for sex. THAT’S how depraved our world has become – grown men paying to have sex with children! Others use children for pornographic images and videos. It amounts to a billion-dollar-plus industry. Adult men and women continue to get rich by selling CHILDREN to be violated by perverts.

Sadly, this probably comes as no shock to you. Southeast Asia has a long history of child prostitution. Parents who can’t afford to feed their children – or just want a few bucks to buy a new TV – actually SELL their children into slavery in brothels, to turn tricks for foreign tourists.

Then there’s the cab driver in Managua, Nicaragua, who shares the story of how he picks up 8-year-old boys from one side of town and delivers them to the five-star hotel on the other side of town, for sex with American and European tourists.

It’s BEYOND disgusting.

It’s Not A “Poverty” Problem – It’s MUCH Bigger!

“But that’s a Third-World problem,” you might say. “People do desperate things to make a few bucks, just to survive in that kind of poverty.”

Notice, it’s NOT poor Nicaraguan men paying to have sex with these children; it’s wealthy American and European tourists at the exclusive hotel.

Who are these people? Corporate executives, professionals, government diplomats, college professors, pastors, students… the list goes on and on. They represent every age group – from Millennials to senior citizens. Their skin and hair are every color. They could be ANYBODY. They could be someone YOU know!

And we cannot just blame this on poverty. The true problem lies in the market – filled with clients who have the money and interest to have sex with children.

Is It Happening In YOUR Neighborhood?

And where do most of those clients live? In the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Maybe in your neighborhood.

So, while it would be comforting to believe it’s just a “Third-World problem” – or even just a “bad-part-of-town” problem – the truth is closer than you want to think.

Research from the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children shows, just as the perpetrators come from every race, creed and economic level, the victims of child sex trafficking come from good homes, in “good” neighborhoods, just as often!

Many of them are runaways. In fact, the FBI suspects as many as ONE out of every SIX runaways usually end up being trafficked for sex… often in their OWN hometown. You probably know someone who, at some point in their life, ran away from home – either because of an abusive home life or because they were bored and thought they could make it on their own.

The truth can be brutal – even DEADLY.

Make no mistake about it, these children are SLAVES. They’ve lost their freedom, their dignity, their innocence, and all their rights. And we can guarantee NONE of this did they give up willingly. That is JUST as much a form of poverty, as starvation and homelessness.

We HAVE to rescue these children!

The Time Is HERE And NOW!

King’s Ransom Foundation has now launched a campaign to raise $5 million to rescue 1,000 children from sex trade slavery in the United States and abroad. We simply CANNOT continue to turn a blind eye to what’s happening around us. It’s NOT someone else’s problem. It’s OUR responsibility.

It doesn’t matter what faith you profess – or don’t profess. It doesn’t matter how much you make or how secure you think your family is. This is everyone’s problem, and together we will DO something about it.

Visit KingsRansom.org right now and click on the Rescue1000 banner. This link takes you to a page where we have a goal to raise $5 million for this life-saving work. Some of it will remove these children from their situation; some for counseling and drug rehab; some will provide training and education, so these kids can learn the necessary life skills for success in a life-affirming career. And, some of these kids initially came from situations so messed-up they can’t possibly go back. They need a new, safe, place to go. So, we’ve partnered with organizations across the country to help with EVERY phase of this restoration process.

Bring Others Into the Fight!!

Remember, you don’t have to do it alone. From the Rescue1000 page, click the orange “Create a Page” button to set up your OWN campaign to support this goal. It only takes two minutes, then you can share this compassionate mission with your friends, family and coworkers.

C’mon… get people talking about it. Rally people around your goal. You might be shocked by who gets involved. You may have friends who never give to charity, but there’s just something about THIS rescue work that moves their hearts.

Step up! Now YOU have an opportunity to be a leader and world-changer in your community. Join us and start RIGHT NOW!

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