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A Partnership CAN Change Lives!

Ravaged by poverty, the tiny Central American nation of Belize has untold thousands of women and children who are abused, neglected, starving, or alone. Thanks to your generous donations and heart for the poor, women and children in Belize now have a new safe place to call home.

Thank you for helping us give them a safe place!

Each month, caregivers are providing these orphans with hot meals, clean water, a safe home, and care. They are giving them a second chance at life with a safe bed to sleep in, clothes to wear, and an education. Together we are committed to supporting them each month.

Together with your donation, we can keep them safe, fed, and cared for!

The King’s Children’s Home, Martha’s House of Hope, Mary Open Doors, and others are providing places where children find love and acceptance, where they are treated as sons and daughters of the Most High God. They are taught to overcome their circumstances with the help of God their Father.

Together we can save a life!