Help Rescue 4,000 Orphans




WE NEED YOUR HELP to rescue 4,000 orphans in 4,000 hours! DONATE NOW!


King’s Ransom Foundation, Dani Johnson, Kevin McCullough, Stephen Baldwin, Steven Deace and Food for Orphans are on a mission to feed 4,000 orphans. In 2012 they fed 2012 orphans and now they have a new challenge to more than double that! Will you accept the challenge to make a difference and feed an Orphan?


There is 147 million orphans worldwide and 44,000 new orphans everyday. Every 90 seconds another orphan starves to death, sixty million orphans go to bed hungry every night and every two seconds another child becomes an orphan. WE CAN NOT IGNORE these precious children. You could feed a child for a whole year for $92.00!


Food for Orphans provides assistance and food to orphans that truly need help. Their food programs are in mostly poor third-world countries and their goal is to make sure that every orphan receives at least one nutritious meal per day.


Right now Food for Orphans has requests from over 700 orphan projects around the world. These requests represent over 70,000 orphans that have lost a father, mother or both or have been abandoned. We must help and do whatever it takes to help them survive!


King’s Ransom Foundation continues to appreciate you and your desire to really make a difference in the life of another. We never underestimate the power of ONE, and TOGETHER we can make a difference and help feed these children. LET’S DO THIS!!!