The world is filled with beautiful people... successful businesspeople... people who can inspire and motivate others... people who care for the poor... people who just want to make a meaningful difference in the world.

However, you don't often find someone who embodies ALL of these traits.

That's why King's Ransom Foundation is so honored to have Brad and Xtina Harmsworth in our family. Xtina is a Los Angeles-trained makeup artist who turned her talent – making women look amazing – into a thriving business. Brad is not only a skilled electrician, he's also a shrewd investor. And these abilities keep the company on-track, as it launches into stratospheric growth.

What makes these young entrepreneurs so unique is HOW they use their meteoric platform to bring a message – a message most young professionals would ignore or feel was "beneath them" – to their vast audience. They have rallied their entire circle of influence – clients, friends and contacts – to help us raise $5 million to rescue children from sex trafficking, as part of our Rescue1000 campaign.

Even MORE remarkable, Xtina set a personal sub-goal of $50,000 and shared it within her circle of influence. The "Glambabes" – as Xtina has so colorfully nicknamed them – got super-excited about the goal and their donations have ALREADY started pouring in. (And, I understand she extended some pretty remarkable prizes for the top donors.) Together, this group has now become leader of the pack.

But, it takes a special type of person and leader to inspire such action in others! And, Brad and Xtina each embody several of the qualities that make King's Ransom donors unique:

Genuine Love For the Poor

Everyone has seen celebrities who shill for the latest or "currently-fashionable" charity. Yet, how many are personally involved in the work? Unlike those who do it for the limelight, OUR donors are hands-on. They travel around the world to meet the people they support... to hold their hands, to play with the children, to make a face-to-face connection.

Leveraging Their Influence

And while EVERY donation is appreciated, those who act as "Pied Pipers" for those projects nearest and dearest to their hearts, have an exponential impact. See, our King's Ransom donors consistently use their platforms to rally OTHERS around the causes most important to them. Whether you're a carpooling mom, a corporate executive, or a professional athlete, you have an audience – a network of people who listen to you. And while some people use their influence to enrich themselves, OUR people use their influence to shed light on the pain and need around them. They serve the people who can never do anything for them in return.

Lead By Example

It's one thing to tell people to give to charity; it's something else to demonstrate giving in your OWN life. That kind of authentic leadership desperately fills a need the world pleads for. Those who lead by EXAMPLE make a bigger impact on the world... and subsequently find themselves promoted higher, faster. After all, the biblical principle does ring true: Those who can be faithful with little, will be trusted with much more!

Encouraging OTHERS To Rescue

Xtina cheers for her world-wide "Glambabes" as they charge toward this exciting goal.

Remember, they can't just ask or even demonstrate... you have to inspire action in those you ask! And, let us just say, evidenced by her Facebook posts, Xtina is a natural-born encourager. She's a personal cheer squad for her people, as they pursue their lofty goals. She's not a task-master or a do-as-I-say type; she is a champion and cheerleader, all in one. And, judging by her results, people respond!

So, today, we want to take some time to celebrate Xtina's meteoric rise to the top of our fund-raising campaign for Rescue1000... and to inspire others, with a glimpse of what THEY can achieve. Certainly, MANY others are now raising funds to free these enslaved children – 84 individual campaign pages at last count – and each of them is using their influence to make a difference.

C'mon...THAT many people can't feel this is a waste of their time or influence! So, if you haven't heard about the Rescue1000 project, where we are working together to raise $5 million to rescue 1,000 children from sex trafficking in the U.S. and beyond, visit the rest of our site RIGHT NOW! Who knows? You might be inspired to rally YOUR circle of influence to help us achieve this gigantic goal.

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