Do you remember that first moment you decided to dedicate part of your income to help the poor?

  • Maybe you heard about Audelis, a single mom living in a garbage dump in Nicaragua, who could only provide for her children by picking through the garbage for edible food or items she could clean-up and sell.
  • Could be you learned, that for just a few dollars you could provide clean water to a village in Africa... on the brink of starvation.
  • Or, possibly you heard about the little boys in India who were forced to watch as their parents were tortured, raped, and burned to death... all just for following their Christian faith.

Whatever the reason, you made a decision to get involved, to meet the needs of people who could never do anything for you, in return. It's a great feeling to know, with just a small donation, you can completely turn someone's life around – give them a hope they never had before!

NOW... do you ever wish you could do MORE for the poor?!?

How To Do More...At ZERO Extra Cost To You!

People constantly tell me they want to increase their giving... AFTER:

  • Their business reaches a certain level
  • They get the promotion they've been working toward
  • They pay-off their debt

And, I applaud these people for their awesome and amazing drive! Honestly, I can't wait to see them achieve their goals and help more people. But most folks DON'T realize, you can multiply your financial impact NOW – without giving one extra cent!

Consider this: If you can encourage just ONE friend to make a donation, you double your giving in a snap... all without taking even a single extra dollar out of your own account.

Use the principle of leverage in your favor! If you give $20 per month, and have a friend who can give $100 a month... BOOM!! With just ONE phone call, you have multiplied your impact FIVE TIMES over!

Want To Take YOUR Giving To The Next Level?!?

Today, let me show you how you can not only exponentially multiply the number of poor you can help, but simultaneously:

  • Improve your workplace morale.
  • Transform your company's reputation.
  • Establish yourself as a leader in your community.

You may have already figured it out, but I'm talking about getting your workplace involved in your giving.

Start small. First, find out if your company offers charitable donation matching. (NOTE: If you own the company, you get to make that call!) "Donation matching" is simply a system where employers match a portion of an employee's charitable giving. Some companies will match 5% of your donations in a giving year. Others will match 10%, while some will even match 100% – dollar for dollar.

So, if you give $100 per month to charity, and your company offers donation matching – or whatever your employer may call it – your giving can automatically reach up to $200 per month... or MORE, as some companies actually "match" at even higher rates! But, this workplace shift does SO much more than that.

It Goes BEYOND Simple "Matching"

Just imagine telling your coworkers about your support for orphans around the world and it touches their hearts? What if they decide to start taking care of the impoverished, the orphaned, the victimized, or the trafficked? Now, what if your company matched THAT?!

Do you think THIS would allow you to help more people?

Okay, now let's take it one step FURTHER.

It ALL Starts "At The Top"

I don't know if you've ever noticed this, but across their marketing platforms a LOT of major corporations make a big deal about their charitable giving, their environmental friendliness, or their community involvement. Ever wonder WHY? Guess what... part of their target audience genuinely cares about this sort of thing. AND so do some of their team members! Corporate "social responsibility" really IS a thing. For certain personalities, demographics and age groups, it's important to show your company cares about MORE than profits.

For example, Millennials like to associate themselves with brands that demonstrate a commitment to taking care of the planet, honoring diversity, or supporting the less-fortunate. Organizations incorporating charitable giving into a recognizable part of their brand, score BIG points with this fast-growing, highly-desirable group... and foster extreme brand loyalty!

Not only that, but when you can rally your employees around a common goal – especially a goal benefiting something other than company's bottom line – it can be a POWERFUL motivator.

Be A Catalyst To Get Your WHOLE Company Involved

That said, here are a just a FEW ideas to get your company involved in charitable giving.

First, you need to actually ask if they do donation matching. If they do, be SURE to thank them and enroll yourself TODAY. If they don't, talk to your boss about the explosive marketing opportunities their corporate charity could create.

Second, tell your coworkers, managers and executives how King's Ransom Foundation impacts the world... with projects like building homes for the extreme poor living among the garbage dumps of Nicaragua, and providing clean water systems across Africa. And it's NEVER a hand-out. We work with locals on-the-ground, to provide skills training so these recipients can SUSTAIN themselves. We offer them a true future, to generate their own income, to allow themselves and their families to FINALLY break the cycle of poverty. Show them how 100% of their donation goes DIRECTLY to the poor, never to operational overhead or salaries.

Third, create a team project to benefit the poor. It can be for the whole company, a department, or just your team. How about asking your sales team to donate a percentage of their commissions to rescue just ONE child from sex trafficking or to build a home for those LIVING in a garbage dump. Challenge your VPs to a competition among their various units, seeing who can raise the most within a specific time-frame. Dangle a juicy prize, like dinner at a fancy restaurant, for hitting their donation goal or the "winners." Look for things to motivate your people and plan appropriate celebrations for your team. Write a press release about your efforts and distribute to your local papers and media outlets... and don't forget to loop-in your social media followers. Talk about an EXPONENTIAL impact!!!

And YOU Can Lead The Charge!

If you really want to go for the gold, offer to establish and run a charity arm for the company. Let's face it, your boss isn't looking for more moving parts to manage! By taking the reins, you create value for the company WITHOUT creating extra headaches for the boss. You just need to demonstrate the tangible benefits of taking charity seriously:

  • Greatly enhance the company's image
  • Improve team morale
  • Stimulate people with an exciting new focus
  • Very possibly bump-up revenues

PLUS, it will establish you in people's minds as a leader who cares about others, who takes initiative, who motivates others.

The worst they can do is say, "No, thank you."

With just a little creativity, you can create a culture of charity in your workplace... that extends into your whole community. You'll be amazed at the results!

We Know "One Size Does Not Fit All"...And We've Got You Covered!

Now, it's helpful to remember not everyone gets excited about the SAME "win." Some of our people find their passion in taking care of orphans, but not necessarily in building houses in Nicaragua. Others have given their hearts to rescuing children from sex trafficking, but providing clean water in Africa just doesn't ignite that same zeal. And, some love Israel, while others hate Israel. So, take a minute to visit now and give some thought to which of our projects and nations will resonate best with your team. Then let us know what WE can do to help you present this to your company.

And, once again we want to thank YOU for being such a faithful member of the King's Ransom family!

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