When we started raising the funds – just three-and-a-half years ago – in January of 2015, it seemed like a ridiculous, outrageous dream!

C'mon... build 1,000 homes in Nicaragua for the poorest of the world's poor?! Honestly, couldn't we just start with 100... or maybe 10?

But our Father's mandate was clear and overwhelming: We would raise $5.2 million and build 1,000 homes on land, already set aside near the garbage dumps of Nicaragua. And we're not just talking about "shacks," either. We were to build solid, concrete block, two-unit homes – with bedrooms, indoor plumbing, chicken coops, sustainable gardens, AND a community center where people could learn the skills to sustain themselves, to break the cycle and lift themselves out of extreme generational poverty.

Soooo, we gave ourselves five years. First, we told some friends, who then told their friends. And, together, we completed our five-year goal in a scant two-and-a-half years. We crossed the $5.2 million fund-raising mark on June 16, 2017... and completed the one-thousandth house on December 31, 2017!

It was a dream come true! Everyone involved joined us to celebrate... our Board celebrated... our donor family celebrated... and our friends at Food For The Poor, who partnered with us to get it done, REALLY celebrated. In fact, they even sent us an amazing photo album of our initial project. And, we want to share it with YOU, right here.

Every photo has YOUR name on it, because your generosity brought that dream into reality! So take a few minutes to click through each of these images and let the faces touch your soul. These are the faces of gratitude. These were broken, thrown-away lives, destined to NEVER be broken or thrown away again!

Yes... ALL because of you! So you need to celebrate, too – and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back!

Due to the overwhelming success of what we now call "Phase I," we've started working on our NEXT 1,000 homes in Nicaragua, because more of these hurting families still need hope. Plus, we have answered the EMERGENCY CALL to provide food, medicine and hope to thousands of families the Nicaraguan government is now starving and killing daily. As we face all this, THAT'S why it's so important for us to stop and celebrate, together, EACH milestone we achieve together! Cheers to YOU!

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