The 120 Initiative

GOAL: $50,000 RAISED - 2023 : $50,514

Sponsor a Child for $120 a month.

There is an urgent need right now & you can make a difference today. Our orphanage in India just added 120 boys who need to be sponsored for $120 a month. What does $120 do? This covers all of their schooling, food, medical, housing & more. They need your help today.

India is going through major changes. Right now, the government is sifting through the organizations within its borders and shutting a lot of nonprofits down, particularly Christian organizations. However, an organization we support was the first one to receive a license to continue to operate. The problem is over 400 children have now called the orphanage we support their new home. This sudden surge in children has led to an enormous increase in cost, not to mention the already rising cost of goods that are taking place across the globe. Now, they need our help more than ever. We are seeking recurring donations of $120 a month to help meet the rising costs the orphanage is facing.

Please help today - by sponsoring a child on a monthly basis.

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