Rescuing Sex-Trafficked Kids In The USA

GOAL: $700,000 RAISED - 2020 : $408,000

They call her “Tennessee.”

She’s 16 years old, with bright blue eyes.

Since she was 3 years old, her father, a pharmacist, has been drugging her and making money letting his friends pay to have sex with her, sodomize her, or whatever other sick desires they might have. Day after day. Her brothers have been suffering the same torture and abuse. Her mother has been drugged into a helpless stupor, so she does nothing.

Tennessee doesn’t talk much, and won’t look you in the eyes. They say her communication skills are stunted by a form of autism, and there may be some truth in that. But the deeper issue is that this girl has been traumatized more deeply than any child – any human – should ever have to experience, at the hands of someone she should have been able to trust.

You have seen it in the headlines more and more – men and women going to prison for selling children for sex. What you don’t see is the torment the victims go through.

We are so sheltered in this country. We don’t see the women and children who are forced into turning tricks for perverts all day and all night. Many are trafficked by their “boyfriends” or husbands – or worse, by their parents and grandparents.

It’s sick, demented, and profoundly evil.

Sadly, it’s not our place to bring justice to the perpetrators, although we’d like to rain down fire on each of them. That’s a job for law enforcement. Our job is to care for the children who have been extracted from their slavery to those who pimp them out.

We are partnered with a home that has taken in hundreds of children over the last 30 years and given them a new chance at life.

Here’s where you come in: this home has been persecuted by their home state for decades, and they spend a ridiculous amount of money defending themselves in court because the State doesn’t want faith-based homes caring for children.

So we’re getting them out. We found a great piece of property in a faith-friendly state, with land to build on, close enough to hospitals, so these girls can get the treatment they need, but far enough away that their captors can’t find them.

But even after they arrive at their new home, there is still a lot to be done. They need all the basic human essentials for daily care, food, clothes, counseling, medical care — not to mention the work that will need to be done on the new property.

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