Disaster Relief – Hurricanes In Nicaragua

GOAL: $200,000 RAISED - 2021 : $111,740

As many areas of Nicaragua were devastated in the wake of concurrent Hurricanes Eta and Iota, we think of all of our friends in the affected areas. People we care for. People we have helped to lift out of the deepest poverty imaginable. Families, orphans, the elderly. Perhaps the hardest hit are the single moms, trying to keep their children calm as they struggle to rebuild their lives.

Over the years, we have built over 2,000 permanent concrete block homes, which provided many with safe and reliable shelter throughout the storms. Still, there were entire communities and thousands of other family homes who weren’t as fortunate. We weren’t able to help them prepare for Eta and Iota, but we can help them rebuild and prepare them for the next challenge. It is up to us to reach them now with hope for the future.

Join us and our partners at Rancho Santana in our mission to install concrete floors in at least 500 family homes by December of 2021. By making this single improvement, we can not only help people to stay on their family land for generations… but to live more safely and healthily.

Remember, your gift of any amount to King’s Ransom is tax deductible and 100% goes straight to the people who need it most. None of it stays here.

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  • 1 Floor ($750 USD)
  • 5 Floors ($3,750 USD)
  • 10 Floors ($7,500 USD)
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