I still remember it…1980: The year of the necktie.

No one in my family can explain why it happened, but that year everyone gave Grandpa a necktie for Christmas.

It seems silly now, especially since Grandpa didn’t even wear ties to work at the restaurant. What’s more, he was in the process of selling the restaurant and planning to retire that year. He only wore ties to church, along with the occasional wedding or funeral. Bowling? No way.

Grandpa was hard to buy for. His home was a magnificent testament to years of hard work. He had every Craftsman tool ever made. His TV was state-of-the-art (by 1980 standards). Celebrity Bobbleheads hadn’t been invented yet. So, the default gift option was… neckties.

I guarantee those ties collected dust for a decade before they went to Goodwill, but what do you get the person who has everything?

Maybe you have someone like that in your life.

It almost feels silly to get them anything, because they don’t need anything. If they want something, they can go get it for themselves. To make matters worse, they will in all probability get you something YOU don’t need… so you feel obligated and so the cycle continues.

It’s positively EXHAUSTING!

Break The Needless Gift Cycle

I have a much more meaningful gift suggestion.

How would you like to give a gift to someone who literally has nothing but the shirt on their back? Someone who doesn’t have a guaranteed meal in their future? Someone who has no way to get you anything in return?

We can put you in touch with someone just like that.

Here at King’s Ransom Foundation, we work with orphans, widows, homeless families, and kids locked in the sex trades. People who have given up hope of a better existence. Mothers who put their babies to bed hungry, night after night. Parents who hang up a stocking for child they can’t find. Fathers who dig through the trash to feed their families. Widows abandonded by their kids.

The heartbreak is so real… and it’s everywhere.

Doing What We Can…Then More

We can’t heal all the pain in this world, but we have an assignment from our Heavenly Father to do everything we can, and we have a vision to do so much more!

When you send a gift to King’s Ransom Foundation, a mother raising her kids in the garbage dumps of Nicaragua gets a permanent home for her family. A slave goes free. An orphan learns that God is her loving Father.

YOUR gift does all that.

Do you know what else it does? It keeps on giving.

  • That mother teachers other mothers how to raise their own food.
  • The slave leads others to freedom.
  • The orphan shares God’s love with her neighbors.

Your gift does all that, too.

This Christmas, give a gift that won’t end up at Goodwill. Give the gift of hope. To learn how King’s Ransom Foundation serves the poorest of the world’s poor, visit our website.

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