The news coming out of Nicaragua is as grim as the conditions imposed by its government... as dictator Daniel Ortega terrorizes his OWN people! People who resist his ruthless regime, experience his violence first-hand, being shot in the streets or simply become counted among "the missing." A nation wracked by generations of poverty, NOW finds itself being pushed down even further by an amoral billionaire "president!"

Fortunately, rays of hope continue to break through the turmoil. The poorest of the poor in Nicaragua have found an advocate... YOU! For over three years, we have built homes for those destitute families living in ramshackle "dwellings" among the garbage dumps of Nicaragua. You may have seen the pictures on our website or social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. That's YOUR giving at work!

But it goes SO far beyond building permanent shelters. Sure, we could have built them homes and then gone along our merry way. And, they DEFINITELY would have been less poor... but would they have truly been better off than before? See, despite their new – infinitely safer – homes, they would STILL have remained crushed under the weight of this generational, unrelenting poverty!

Instead, we went a step further and built community centers where they could receive value life-skills training – from construction to computer data entry and sewing to farming. We sent in trainers, specializing in sustainable agriculture techniques, along with everything they needed to get started: seed, fertilizer, irrigation piping, farming tools.

We provided them with seeds and seedlings – including cucumbers, carrots, beets, onions, pipians, squash, peppers and tomatoes. We taught them how to recognize crop diseases, make their own organic pesticides, and improve the quality of their crops. And we equipped them to FINALLY break the cycle of poverty... by growing their OWN future!

Just check out some of the pictures taken during recent trainings in Aranjuez, San Fernando and Nueva Segovia, as a part of the Biointensive Farming Initiative. The families in these villages remain eternally grateful for the knowledge they’ve gained and the tools you so graciously have given to them.

Jenny, one of the young women who participated in this training, could barely contain her enthusiasm: “I have learned so much with this project... and always dreamed of having a little garden to grow my own fruits and vegetables!”

Jenny and her husband tried to grow vegetables in the past... but with little success. “The animals always came in and ate everything.” But, now Jenny shares her updated experience: “Thanks to God things have changed now. I have a fenced-in area, the pesticides, and other supplements to keep my garden growing and healthy!”

The training, along with on-going technical assistance, have empowered Jenny and her family. She now knows how to reproduce seeds to sustain her garden season after season, without having to buy seeds or seedlings. The family has been able to save money in other ways, too – all thanks to THIS project. Jenny explains, “We have also managed to save money, because now we don’t have to buy our vegetables and fruits in the market. We have everything we need in our little garden.”

Since they now produce their own vegetables, Jenny says their diet has improved and the family looks forward to the fresh food at meal times. “My little boy asks me: ‘Mama, when are you preparing my breakfast with some tomato and onions?’” Jenny continues: “I also give him a cucumber-carrot juice in the morning, so he is full of energy for the day. I would like to thank God – and ALL the donors – for making this project possible!”

To learn more about our work in Nicaragua, click here. And, to answer the emergency call from STARVING families who have been cut-off from all sources of food and help by their OWN government, please learn how RIGHT HERE!

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