Everyday, children around the world are being abused, abandoned, and trafficked. At King’s Ransom Foundation, caring for children is one of our highest priorities.

That’s why we were so delighted to learn about a very special home in Israel that provides unique care for some very vulnerable young women.

We recently received a letter from the home manager that helps to explain the work they do:

“Aishel- Reena’s Place” was established in Israel in 2004 as a residential facility for girls/young women (ages 16 to 21) who are victims of physical, emotional or sexual abuse. These girls are all alone in the world, they are on an unavoidable road to self-destruction, often abusing alcohol and drugs and sometimes involved in abusive relationships.

“Aishel- Reena’s Place” rescues these girls from the dangerous streets and provides them with a warm, safe home. Many of them have dropped out of school and/or have run away from home leaving them with no means of support, no place to live, and no one to help them.

This program is the only English speaking facility in Israel that provides this service for this often overlooked population. The overall goal is to rehabilitate these girls/young women through utilizing the warm home-like environment, the intense psychotherapy program, structure, responsibility and un-conditional love. “Aishel- Reena’s Place” cares for the girls who come to us as abused victims and emerge as young women with a sense of self-worth and hope for the future.

Your faithful giving toward Israel is making this kind of work possible. Here’s Rabbi Natan to tell you more about the help we have been providing to them:

These young women will go on to have successful, productive lives as mothers, wives, teachers, and professionals of every type because of your faithful generosity.

Make your donation toward our work in Israel now:

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