Let’s start with a little “thought question” – Do you believe in angels? I’m not necessarily talking about those little cherubic beings we usually picture with fluffy wings, hovering around us… although I do believe in God’s biblical messengers! But for our purposes today, let’s focus on those earthly angels who seem to float into our lives, to bring us hope, comfort and joy.

We ALL have those “angels” in our life – it could be a mentor, friend, neighbor, minister, teacher, caregiver, or anyone else whose mere presence makes our existence better! Think about someone who randomly showed up one day, and now you simply cannot imagine life without them. And, when our Father calls them up to the angel “Big Leagues” we TANGIBLY feel the loss, regardless of whether you’ve known them for a lifetime or just a short while. So today, I write from this particular place.

Let me start by saying, unlike many people, I don’t “friend” someone on social media if we don’t either have a personal connection or share a mutual friend IRL (in REAL life). YES, I am one of those “pathetic” people without thousands of online friends or followers! However, I am someone who always makes time to talk with my friends, to help whenever I can, and to actually – GASP!!! – meet them face-to-face for a lunch, happy hour or just to catch-up.

So this past Sunday – while trying to recover from a hyper-breakneck week – a message sent by a friend via social media, COMPLETELY caught me off-guard. Someone she had known for decades, and an amazing woman I had just recently connected with IRL, had suddenly died earlier last week. It just left me dumbfounded. No… other… words! I knew she had on-going major health issues, and had recently gone into the hospital for another treatment, but honestly thought she was getting better. But, with our dear mutual friend and her husband by her side, God called her home last Monday.

And ironically, just a few weeks ago, I had felt “something” reminding me to reach out to her about a project which had initially brought us together last summer. Then, I got busy and the holiday craziness hit and I saw, via Facebook, she seemed to be equally harried. THEN, she got admitted into the hospital. And, I thought: “I’ll just wait until she’s out and we’ll meet for lunch.” It really NEVER occurred to me this angel of joy would NOT get better!

Appreciate YOUR Angels!

So, let’s get back to that whole angel question. I firmly believe God sent this particular angel into MY life, even for a mere blink of an eye, for a reason! See, if you believe in God, you HAVE to believe He sends messengers into our lives. “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” (Hebrews 1:14) Now, go with me here a minute… if we follow His instructions, we seek to become one with both Him AND the Holy Spirit. So logically, individuals who live TRULY within the Spirit can quite believably be HIS messengers here on Earth!

And, while this Christmas season brings to mind our “typical” image of angels, trumpeting the birth of our Savior, we need to appreciate the joy EVERY “angel” ushers into our life, EVERY day – not just during the holidays. Angels can take many forms and appear in unexpected ways or places. However, you can ALWAYS recognize them by their loving spirit, wise counsel, comforting nature, charitable heart and joyous character. Thankfully, we see these angels DAILY at King’s Ransom Foundation!

YOU Are The Angels Who Bring “Joy To The World”

Whether you realize it or not, YOU are an “angel” to someone! It could be for that small business owner you consistently patronize and recommend to friends. You might be an angel for a struggling student in school. Angels could literally be singing next to you in the choir! “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.” (Hebrews 13:2)

As for us, we see – and DEEPLY appreciate – the angels who change the future for MILLIONS of people around the world! They genuinely trumpet the arrival of hope and joy into the lives of families, widows, orphans, child sex slaves and those hit hardest by disaster. And, this isn’t just some holiday hype or “warm fuzzies” we’re throwing out here… we’ve got PROOF!

OUR angels fed nearly SIXTY THOUSAND orphans worldwide!
OUR angels cared for 3,000+ children rescued from sexual slavery!
OUR angels supplied clean water to nearly ONE MILLION people!
OUR angels provided for widows, orphans and victims of violence in Israel…
AND…OUR angels not only COMPLETED the first 1000 homes for the most abject poor in Nicaragua – raising a record-breaking $5.2 MILLION in less than three years – they ALSO got us 10% finished on the NEXT 1000 homes!

MOBILIZED Angels Can Accomplish MIRACLES!

Just look to the Bible… it teaches us to NEVER underestimate the power of a host of His angels! If they can stop lions in their tracks, defeat legions of soldiers, raise the dead, then SURELY a group of his earthly angels can stop the sex trafficking of innocent children, defeat hunger, raise-up those who need hope for a safe, sustainable future. And with God touching the hearts of our angels – and the “angels” everywhere – we can extend this “season of miracles” year-round… and DEFINITELY into 2018!

So, if you just happen to be looking for your OWN “band of angels” look no further than our online social media angels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube! And, remember to invite your current angels to join this amazing “earthly host” doing His work here. Together, we can CONTINUE to be the bringers of joy!

And, as for the personal angel I lost this week, I will grieve for her family and miss her raucous wit, comments on my posts and positive outlook. However, aside from her brief but meaningful friendship, I now know why God sent this particular angel to ME. He wanted to remind me to cherish those in my life, to never assume we will have a “tomorrow” and NOT to put-off the important stuff! So, on behalf of the King’s Ransom Foundation family – and the MILLIONS you have helped around the world – we thank you for being OUR “go-to” angels day-in, day-out and wish you the Merriest Christmas and most Joyous Hanukkah!

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