As I spent time absorbing last week’s post about Nicaragua, I experienced an eerie sense of déjà vu… and NOT in the “pleasant-nostalgia” kind of way. But ironically, the FIRST thing that came to mind, was – no joke – FASHION. Just go with me, here, a minute!

We’ve all heard the adage: “History repeats itself.” And anyone, who has spent any time among textbooks or nonfiction books, would probably agree. However, very few of us have actually LIVED it. And THAT brings us back to my original thought about fashion. While we may not have personally experienced the cycles of history, most ALL of us have seen “old” fashions come back around as “new” trends. Currently, we’re taking the bell bottoms and platform shoes of my youth, to restyled extremes!

Okay, right about now, you’re double-checking to make sure you’re on the right website and wondering, “What on EARTH do bell bottoms or shoulder pads have to do with a Third World country, like Nicaragua?!” Well, for starters, the LAST time I was in the tropical jungles of Nicaragua, shoulder pads and ruffles WERE the height of fashion!

Once Upon A Time…

Long ago, in another (more adventurous, and probably reckless) lifetime, I was a journalist… and married to a world-class photojournalist. And one of “THE” stories of that decade was the Sandinista-Contra conflict in Nicaragua. So while everyone else embraced the Yuppie lifestyle and made conspicuous consumption a national past time, WE were traipsing around Third World countries covering wars and political conflicts!

Eventually, motherhood and a noticeable increase in common sense, intervened. And I eventually put all those harrowing experiences with rebel uprisings and guerrilla encampments behind me. But, despite the ensuing decades and many subsequent career adventures, those times in Nicaragua and other Central American countries STILL stay with me. So, when I became involved with King’s Ransom Foundation five years ago, I heard a LOT about Nicaragua. But I had some REAL problems wrapping my head around this “new” place everyone described.

Welcome To “Nicaragua 2.0”

Around our office, everyone buzzed about going to Nicaragua. Even a multi-millionaire – who could go ANYWHERE – excitedly planned several of her family vacations for Nicaragua! My brain could only go: “Say, WHAT?!? Why on God’s green earth would anyone willingly CHOOSE to go to that place… especially with your FAMILY… for a ‘restful’ VACATION?!?”

All I could see, in my mind’s eye, were flashbacks to those war-ravaged villages, fear-ridden cities and dangerous countrysides. The death, which became all-too-commonplace, still touches my soul. The bitter dissent and battling political factions, viciously vying for control, literally destroying the very country and people they wanted to govern. Throughout the entire region, it was a time of pure MADNESS. And, every major player in the world seemed to have some sort of vested interest in the outcome of all this strife.

That all behind me, fast forward a few decades, and Nicaragua was now a developing country. It had begun to actually court tourists. Families found a beautiful, safe vacation spot. WOW… this really was a “new” Nicaragua! Who knew?!?

Then…A Missed Window Of Opportunity

After hearing the enchanting stories from those who had visited – and eagerly wanted to return – I reconsidered travel to this “updated” country. I love to travel and am always open to new experiences. Maybe it WAS time to erase my previous image of Nicaragua, and replace it with a more hopeful one.

In addition to regular trips by our committed King’s Ransom volunteers, specialized vacation options were also available. It all began to seem possible. UNTIL…

Just as I had mentally and emotionally embraced the idea of going back to Nicaragua, the horror returned! A country on the road to having a real future, cultivating hope, building financial stability, once AGAIN finds itself the victim of genuine atrocities – political atrocities, with very REAL life-and-death consequences. Just watch this recent video, for a tiny glimpse of what’s happening today:

NOT The “Current Fashion”

So, not only will Nicaragua no longer be on MY upcoming vacation list, but more importantly, it’s also not the “IT” story among the current media. See, this internal political conflict does not impact the major world players of today, as it did in the 1980s. Other countries, other issues have now become more “fashionable.” Everyone seems to have bigger fish to fry. After all, it’s just a “little, internal conflict” that doesn’t REALLY affect anyone. Riiiiight… EXCEPT the people of Nicaragua!

The actions, occurring around the entire country of Nicaragua, amount to a systematic political genocide of its people by a ruthless “president” transforming his government into a iron-fisted dictatorship. Allegiance or death. It’s that simple. And the world, by and large, knows NOTHING about this! And, the voices crying out for help remain unheard and mostly, unanswered. UNTIL…

Sadly, NOW It’s The Nicaragua I Remember…AGAIN

But, as other voices here – and around the world – begin to spread the word, God’s soldiers heard the cries and have already stepped-up to provide whatever aid and relief possible. Once again, this little country is home to thousands of beleaguered and frightened citizens. Death tolls continue to rise. Political unrest mars their lives and families. It’s as if I’m revisiting my nightmare all over again. And, one more time, wage the resistance. Thankfully, THIS time I am not alone… I now have the King’s Ransom family!

Join me and become a part of the answer for these besieged families, just click HERE!

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