There are few things in life more satisfying than setting a big goal… then ACHIEVING it. If you’ve ever done it, you know the thrill of charging across the finish line.

And, thanks to you, our King’s Ransom family is about to experience that thrill!

When we started our 1,000 Homes campaign in January 2015, we thought it would take forever to raise the $5.2 million needed to complete it. We had never done anything like this. We certainly didn’t know if anyone would jump onboard with us. It was a HUGE risk! But we saw a HUGE need and felt a HUGE burden to do something about it.

Overwhelming Need

Our benefactor, Dani Johnson, first brought this need to our attention. She saw the desperation and devastating poverty in Nicaragua, and not only organized a plan to do something about it, but has since taken groups to experience it first-hand. What they saw was heartbreaking.

We found hundreds of people – many of them families, with small children – LIVING in the garbage dumps of Nicaragua. Not living NEAR the dumps – living IN the dumps. The kids don’t go to school, they participate in the family “business” of digging through the garbage to find food or maybe an item to clean up and sell for a dollar. The highlight of any day happens when a garbage truck rolls in with a fresh load of trash.

They cobble together shelters out of old palettes, scrap metal, and tarps – whatever they can find to keep out the rain. Mothers put their children to bed on the ground, with the bugs and snakes so prevalent in Central America. Many of them live on top of an active mine shaft, where dynamite blasts every twelve hours shake the ground – and sometimes collapse homes. One young pregnant woman and her children were swallowed up by the earth during such a tremor.

This is not how humans should live – not here, not in Nicaragua, not anywhere!

How You Met That Need

We could have turned a blind eye, like everyone else on earth. But God laid it on our hearts to take action on their behalf. We decided to use the abundance in our lives (if you make more than $12,000 a year, you’re in the top 1% of the world’s population) to pull someone else out of poverty.

We are building them safe, permanent, concrete block homes – on land that cannot be taken away from them. They have indoor plumbing and running water. Each group of homes, like the one in Santa Pancha, has a community center where people can gather to learn a trade, such as sewing or gardening. The men participate in the home construction. Each family gets a coop with chickens to raise. We equip them with the tools to be self-sustaining, productive and free.

That costs money – each house costs $5,200 to build – and we didn’t have any partners to chip in toward the costs. We didn’t know how long it would take to raise that kind of money. We set a goal of five years… then prayed!

But here we are, less than two and a half years later, sailing past the 90% mark. The end of the road is IN SIGHT.

Such an amazing testament to YOUR unlimited generosity… YOU saw the need, believed in it, and poured yourself into it. YOU pushed this project faster than we ever thought possible. And at this rate, we could have this whole thing wrapped up by Labor Day! (My more challenge-driven friends insist we’ll have it in the can by Memorial Day, but I’m keeping it on the conservative side for now – feel free to prove me wrong!)

Time and time again, you have proven it true: together, we can do anything.

We’re ALMOST THERE! Get ready to celebrate!

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