Have you ever had a wild, outlandish, impossible dream? You know, a notion that just pops into your head and literally makes you laugh out loud? Totally insane, right? Who would even CONSIDER such an insane thing? C'mon... we couldn't POSSIBLY...

or COULD we?!?

The "Impossible" Dream

Some ideas are just SOOOO far off-the-rails, they simply look impossible, from wherever you may stand. I've had ideas like that. You probably have, too. As a kid, maybe you wanted to be a professional athlete or actor or CEO of a huge corporation. Who knows, maybe you wanted to be a billionaire. But, once you reached "adulthood," you watered down your audacious dream... in favor of something more "manageable." And, sadly, you left that big dream behind.

Well, it's time to dust-off that BIG dream... because we just learned our ridiculous, audacious goals CAN come true!

You see, back in 2009 when we started King's Ransom Foundation, we just wanted to help as many of the world's poor as possible. We hoped, MAYBE, we could cross into $10,000 per month in donations. Wouldn't that be amazing? OR... so we thought.

Just TOO Crazy To Even Say Out Loud

Then one voice said: "I cannot wait until we can give away a MILLION dollars a month."

Jaws dropped around the room. Someone snickered. Someone else mumbled, "Whatever." Finally, after a moment, everyone laughed. Even on the surface, the idea even sounded ridiculous... just too far-fetched. OUTRAGEOUS! After all, we considered it a stretch to pull together $50,000 in the same month, let alone a MILLION.

And, we harbored that dream not so very long ago. But here we are, now, with a monthly average between $250,000 and $300,000. And since we don't do any marketing – aside from our donors' word of mouth – we can't take any credit for that growth. That's all on YOU. Sure, we spiked up to $500,000 ONCE, and have had a couple of months in the $400,000s. However, the idea of a million-dollar month STILL seemed totally unrealistic... until YOU stepped-up to the plate.

YOU Changed Our Definition Of "Possible"

May was an incredible month... for good – and BAD – reasons. Bad, because needs spiked around the world. Shelling in the south of Israel has left complete families without homes, food, water or basic necessities. And, of course, the horrific violence being perpetrated against the people of Nicaragua – by their own government – daily turns wives into widows, and leaves families helpless, hopeless and penniless. Our network of friends across Nicaragua have responded by going deep undercover, to bring food and medical supplies to families whose entire livelihoods have been stripped from them.

We HAD to respond. These selfless volunteers need $10,000 a week to continue to meet the growing need... and it shows NO signs of slowing down! Fortunately, the good news was your response – with commitments of $25,000 per week!! THAT is the heart of the King's Ransom family at work, rising up to meet the needs of a broken and hurting world. Suddenly, that crazy dream seemed within reach.

When we came to work on May 31st, we were just $67,000 away from our first-ever million-dollar month. After years of seeing that mountain on the horizon, we were suddenly close enough to touch it!!

So, we took to Facebook and shared a live video, asking our King's Ransom family for help crossing that threshold. It still seemed far away – but we just couldn't let it go. And, it started to work... so the NEXT day, Friday, June 1st, we hit the social airwaves again to report we were CLOSER, but NOT QUITE THERE...


We left the door just a tiny bit ajar, as we announced Friday's mail had not yet come in... and ALL of the mail on June 1st would – obviously – have been postmarked in May. So those donations ALL counted!!!

So...DID We Cross The Million-Dollar Line?!

Even at just $67,000 away from our first million dollars, this represented a MAJOR breakthrough, regardless of the "final" total. However, after all the dust had settled and all the mail counted (with most of the letters in our June 4th mail were postmarked in May) – we MADE IT!!!! And, thanks to you, we set the benchmark for the BEST month in our almost-10-year history... by OVER $400,000!

And now, we KNOW bigger dreams ARE possible – bigger than we ever dared to imagine. People used to say it was impossible to run a 4-minute mile. Until Roger Bannister did it. Now, it's commonplace... it has become the "new norm."

Numbers we used to used to think were laughable, are now OUR "new normal!"

You did that.


So, give yourself a big pat on the back... then let's go out and do it, again.

Visit KingsRansom.org right now and choose one of the exciting projects we support around the world. And if you don't know how to pick JUST one, then click HERE for the General Fund. It ALL counts. It ALL matters. It ALL changes lives!

kingsransom.org is a one-stop shop to serve the poor around the world.

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