You may have heard about the political conflict brewing in Nicaragua this spring, but chances are you're not hearing the FULL STORY!

Right now, the oppressive government of Nicaragua is cracking down on anyone and everyone who doesn't agree with them one hundred percent. The BRUTALITY against women, children...ANYONE who gets in the heartbreaking! Across the country, police robbing shopkeepers at gunpoint, organizing riots and blaming the anti-government forces for the riots. The official death count is much lower than the true death count, because police are killing witnesses to silence them. In one area, police had confiscated all the water and then fired tear gas at the crowd. Without water, victims are unable to wash the tear gas off their skin and out of their eyes.

Violence has erupted everywhere in the country, and caught in the middle of it are the CHILDREN, who are HUNGRY and AFRAID. Nicaragua is one of the POOREST nations in the world, and their broken, self-serving government is making it much worse! They are withholding food and funding from schools that don't align with them. For many children, the lunch they get at school is the only meal they receive all day. The government is literally trying to starve their people into submission.

Our hearts were broken by the photos of a group of Catholic priests who linked arms and stood up to pro-government military forces who were firing into the crowds. "You will not harm our people," they told police.

King's Ransom has been working diligently for years to provide FOOD, CLOTHING, and SHELTER to thousands upon thousands of people - families with children - who have been living in the garbage dumps of Nicaragua. They are part of our assignment from God Himself to care for the poor. We REFUSE to see all of that work STOLEN by a corrupt and merciless government who is holding their schoolchildren hostage. You can learn more about our work building homes for the poorest of the world's poor by clicking here.

Right now, we are asking you to take a stand for the make a difference for the MOST VULNERABLE people in that nation. Your donation of any size will be MATCHED, dollar for dollar, so we can see these lives protected from STARVATION and hopelessness. Use the form on the left-hand side of the screen to make your tax-deductible donation by credit card.


The Government Covers Up Their Own Dirty Work

TRUTH!! A government is LYING to the world about the MURDERS they are committing on a WEEKLY BASIS!! #SOSNICARAGUA #KingsRansomDotOrg #DoSomething#1dollarAWeek

Posted by Dani Johnson on Monday, July 23, 2018

Anti-government Protests Turn Violent in the Streets of Nicaragua

Cellphone Footage from the Deadly Fighting in Nicaragua (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

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