“But, What Can Just ONE Person Do?!?”

Frequently we talk about “making a difference” and how we can impact the world. And, if you HONESTLY think about that idea of “changing the world,” it can be overwhelming… especially if you consider doing it alone!

When you let that sink in, ANY rational person might think, “What can just ONE person REALLY do?” A staggering thought, right? But, we’ve learned a couple of critical things here at King’s Ransom Foundation. First: You DON’T have to go it alone; and secondly, ANYTHING is possible with the right mindset, the right people – AND the grace of God!

And we certainly counted on ALL those factors, about two-and-a-half years ago, when we announced the most audacious, the virtually impossible, biggest “reach” and “asks” King’s Ransom EVER dared. In January of 2015, we boldly dared to change the lives of THOUSANDS living in Nicaragua’s “Triangle of Death”… and laid this mission on YOUR heart!

We knew it might take years – even a decade or more – to build 1000 homes in Santa Pancha, Nicaragua, to rescue these families from their living nightmares, to offer a path to sustainability and a future for generations to come. But buoyed by your past compassion, and the Word of God, we accepted this challenge. “And looking at them Jesus said to them, ‘With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'” (Matthew 19:26)

Remarkably, this miracle came to pass and you have PROVEN the power of His children united under a singular mission. Now, we dare to dream BIGGER! We have joined hands with the organization 1Nation1Day, who have established an eye-opening track record of nationwide change in beleaguered countries over the past few years. And, this year, they have chosen… NICARAGUA!

Our founder Dani Johnson – along with about 300 members of our community – have joined the THOUSANDS on the ground RIGHT NOW in Nicaragua, to fulfill the 1Nation1Day vision:

“1Nation1Day Nicaragua will be the largest global missions outreach in history. But this isn’t just about numbers; it’s about creating measurable change. It takes an unprecedented strategy to make this audacious vision a reality.”

And, you laid the groundwork! Those residents of Santa Pancha, who called their village the “Triangle of Death,” NOW say they live in the “Triangle of HOPE!” Let’s check in with Dani, as she shares this hopeful adventure and how YOU have not only touched her heart, but actually CHANGED THE WORLD!

NEVER underestimate what just ONE person, with a godly vision and a like-minded community, can accomplish… and we thank you for making this dream come true for Nicaragua!

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