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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Recently, while a friend and I chatted, our conversation veered WAAAAAY off-course… and ended up on the subject of compassion. Along the way, we reminisced about our respective childhoods and upbringings, specifically noting the culture of those times. We discussed those nostalgic and “throw-back” social media memories – whether saddle shoes and sock hops, flower power …


“Fear Not”…Easier SAID, Than DONE In Today’s World?!

DOOM & GLOOM… DISASTER… TRAGEDY… it makes you want to simply say, “ENOUGH!” With everything going on in the world around us, sometimes we might just be tempted to find a hole and hide! Honestly, how are we supposed to live in such a culture of fear? But fear is nothing new, as President Franklin …


“Frugal” Doesn’t Equal “No Fun” – “Frugal” Actually Gives Life MEANING!

Have you noticed, some perfectly normal words have gotten a “bad” reputation? Words like “comfortable” – honestly, what’s WRONG with being comfortable?! Most of us LIVE to be “comfortable!” And, how about “fine”?! Put it together with almost anything, and it becomes elevated: fine wine, fine features, fine fabrics. But all ALONE, it’s a terse …


In A Dark World…Shine YOUR Light!

No matter where we turn, these days we can easily feel overwhelmed with news of one disaster after another… hurricanes, wildfires, tsunamis, earthquakes. The images of total devastation, despair and dejection, might leave us feeling depressed and hopeless – wondering what we can do, amid all the darkness. One suggestion? Shine a light! At first, this might …


“Grace Under Fire”…Either You Got It, Or NEED It!

We throw around a lot of cliché phrases: “YOLO”… “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, again”… “Man cannot live by bread alone”… and, an old favorite… “grace under fire.” First, don’t EVEN get me started on the whole idea of “clichés”; they’ve withstood the test of time and trials – that’s WHY they’ve …


Will Your Legacy Be “Legendary”…Or Non-Existent?!

This past weekend, we celebrated Grandparents Day… admittedly, one of the “newer” holidays, only recognized since the late 1970s. However, it DID make me think about the whole idea of the legacy my grandparents left me! My Mama, Nana and Granny made SURE we learned good manners, proper respect and how to represent our family …


What IS A “Servant’s Heart”?

Frequently – sometimes too often – we’re asked to “step-up”… “serve”… “give of yourself.” And, we’re probably AMONG them! But today, I’m stepping a bit outside of my “writer” role and speaking from a “personal” place. As mentioned last week, I’m actually FROM the Gulf Coast and have LIVED through disasters, so it IS personal for me! …


Can ANY Bystander Be An “Innocent Bystander”?!

Just last week, we talked about exactly how far WE – or OTHERS – would willing go to aid someone in need. And, just as we pondered this question, Mother Nature raised her voice… in a BIG way, with Hurricane Harvey! In the past few days, not only have we seen countless photos, videos and …


What Would YOU Risk To “Make A Difference”?!

While I prefer to keep the focus on the vital work we do at King’s Ransom Foundation – and God – this week let me take a brief detour to highlight something we may not consider, when discussing humanitarian efforts. You see, this past week reminded me of a time, when just doing my job, ALSO involved …


If 1(000) Is GOOD…MORE Are BETTER!

We’ve all heard the saying, “If one is good, MORE is better”… and, in this case, we couldn’t agree MORE! If you follow us on social media, via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or PikMobile, then you’ve had the opportunity to see the modern-day MIRACLES you made possible in Santa Pancha, Nicaragua – so, why should we stop NOW?! The …


Which Apostle Are YOU?!

When we last visited, you had a chance to gain a little more insight into WHO the Apostles actually were – as people. And, we left you with a little “teaser” about how their individual characteristics may actually relate to YOU! So, let me ask you… are you a “Matthew,” “Mark,” “Luke” or “John”? Believe …


“But, What Can Just ONE Person Do?!?”

Frequently we talk about “making a difference” and how we can impact the world. And, if you HONESTLY think about that idea of “changing the world,” it can be overwhelming… especially if you consider doing it alone! When you let that sink in, ANY rational person might think, “What can just ONE person REALLY do?” …


Dinner For 5000+…NOW?! What Do YOU Do?

As we continue to catalog the abundance of blessings, flowing through Nicaragua last week – all evidence of His power working through thousands like you – let’s continue our discussion about “perspective.” And, add another “p” word into the mix… PROVISION! Remember that elephant and those “big picture” perspective thoughts? Just as this parable began thousands of …


What “Elephant” Do YOU See?

At some point, most children hear the ancient parable of blind men describing an elephant. But, in case you’ve either forgotten this little tale – or never heard it – let’s briefly recap: “A group of blind men heard that a strange animal, called an elephant, had been brought to their town, but none of them were …


“Upon This Rock”…We Build OUR Foundation

“Hang in there”… “Keeps going and going and going”… “Think different”… “The relentless pursuit of perfection”… “Just do it”… “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”… “Built tough”… slogans, inspirational mottoes, corporate creeds and even promises. And these represent just the tip of the “cliché” iceberg! But, have you ever given any thought …


“Happiness”…What A Remarkable Thing To Celebrate!

Happy Independence Day! And while we DO realize this holiday is not celebrated worldwide, we did want to take advantage of this opportunity to use it as a handy springboard. Here, in the United States, at some point in school nearly every child must face those dreaded “memorization” assignments. YOU remember the ones: the Gettysburg …


What A “Waste”

We all have different ways of “unwinding”… for some, a leisurely walk fills the bill or an endorphin-pumping workout at the gym; for others, it may be getting lost in a novel or finding an outlet in cooking. I even have friends who clean like mad fiends! But, for me, it’s escaping into a great …


“1000+” Words…AND A “Once-In-A-Lifetime” Chance For YOU!

An old adage wisely notes: “One picture is worth 1000 words” – and we wholeheartedly agree! But, as emotional, feeling, caring human beings, we also like to hear those words sometimes. “Good job!”… “You are AMAZING!”… “WOW! You blow me away!”… “I’d be absolutely LOST without you!” Admit it – you liked hearing every one …


“Waste Not, Want Not” Applies To MORE Than Those “Distasteful” Veggies!

Coded into our very DNA, we have certain instincts… survival, shelter, food, safety. And for parents, these kick into overdrive, when our children are involved. That said, most parents want MORE than these “bare minimums” for our kids – to provide a better existence, an better lifestyle. And, my parents were no exception. However, they …


“Just As You Have Done It For OTHERS, You Do It For ME!”…GOD

We all should be familiar with the Good Samaritan story, and each of us draws individual lessons from this tried-and-true parable. Reading or hearing it, we each see it through our own particular lenses… just as the actual participants did! And that’s where it gets REALLY interesting. Admit it, although 2000+ years have passed, we still …