Have you ever noticed, King's Ransom Foundation doesn't flood your mailbox, month-after-month, with glossy, full-color mailers pleading for your donations?

Wonder why? Those mailers are expensive! And, honestly, we would MUCH rather use your donations to actually DO the work we say we do – feeding the orphaned and the widowed around the world, building homes for the homeless, and rescuing children from sex trafficking. Those are the things you give your hard-earned money to support... NOT for marketing!

So, we run a very frugal operation here – and that includes keeping our marketing budget to a bare minimum. STILL, we do want to reflect the idea of "excellence" in everything we do... and hiring excellent talent usually comes with a hefty price tag.

Is This Opportunity For YOU?

So, we're looking for a truly unique individual.

Maybe you know this person – maybe you ARE this person! We need a web developer, who comes with a track record of high-quality designs, easy to navigate on both mobile and desktop platforms. This special someone can take direction and roll with whatever the day brings. When faced with the seemingly impossible, this person has a talent for FINDING ways to get things done. And, equally important, someone with a vision for the future direction of websites.

Now, we know some designers won't be interested in a project like this. We feed orphans around the world. We build homes for families living in the garbage dumps of Nicaragua. We bring clean water to Africa. We rescue children from sex trafficking. We have a calling to serve the poor, the forgotten, the damaged. Not everyone is into that; we get it. Some exceptional designers might not want to be affiliated with that kind of work. No problem. But if you've got a heart to serve the poor with your talent – KEEP READING!

AND... there's one other quality that will rule-out 99% of designers. Watch the video on the right and see if what we are proposing excites you – or sends you packing. It's your choice. And, be sure to "click around" our current site, for a clear picture of what YOU could be doing!

So, if you're ready to take the next step, please submit a sample of your work, via email, to Chad@KingsRansom.org and together we'll see what happens next!

A DOOR has opened...and maybe for YOU??!!

Posted by Dani Johnson on Tuesday, June 26, 2018
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