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A Partnership CAN Change Lives!

Imagine living in a decrepit, unsafe hovel made from waste material on top of old mining tunnels that could explode and sink any moment. Imagine having no water to drink, no safe place to raise your children, no food or clean water to give your starving baby. Imagine your children never learning to read because they have to drop out of school to support your family. Imagine living in constant fear that your “home” will one day be destroyed.

This is what it is like for the hundreds of families living in the poverty stricken high-risk zones of Nicaragua. These families live in such poverty they can barely meet their basic needs for food, have little access to safe, clean drinking water and are in desperate need of safe housing. Our goal is to build 1000 new homes costing $5,200.00 each.

King’s Ransom Foundation, Dani Johnson and Food For The Poor have teamed up to bring these families out of their destitute conditions through the construction of a community centers and double-unit homes with sanitation, access to potable water and sustainable chicken farms.

But we cannot do it alone.

This project will provide a new way of living for the extreme poor in Nicaragua. Each double-unit home will be equipped with two bedrooms, a living room, a personal sanitation unit and a connection for potable water.

The Community centers will be built in the central part of the villages for easy access by the residents and will serve as a place for educational, spiritual, cultural and social activities promoting community development.

Together we CAN transform these poverty stricken villages into safe, thriving communities!

Together we can break these families free from the bondage of poverty and suffering.

Together we can give them a FUTURE!

100% of your donation will take these families…these starving children…out of poverty and give them HOPE! Every single penny counts and together we will save these families lives.

DONATE NOW! Then share on Facebook and help us get the word out!

Together we CAN transform a nation!!