Take a moment and think back to your childhood.

Everything in the big world outside of your little circle seemed large and unfamiliar. But as long as you were home, with your parents, you felt SAFE.

Innocence Destroyed

Now, imagine one dark night as you and your siblings sleep, as masked men with guns suddenly burst through the doors and windows of your "safe" home. Confused and unable to see anything, you hear yelling – then gun blasts. You hear your mother scream and father cry out in pain. Then, these intruders round-up you and your siblings and force you to kneel in the living room.

For the next hour – or what seems like an ETERNITY – your whole life is ripped away, as you watch strangers beat and rape your mother, then repeatedly stab your father, demanding they renounce their faith. Finally, they drench your parents in gasoline and set them on fire. And, even as they burn, these men taunt and kick them in response to their SCREAMS of agony!

Suddenly, your parents' voices fall silent... their tortured and charred bodies lie still. They are gone.

You and your siblings run for cover anywhere you can find in the night. Some will be caught. Their future is a nightmare of forced labor, rape and beatings from strangers. They will be bought and sold many times in the years they manage to survive. You will never see them again.

All because your parents refused to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ. Let's not mince words about this – they were religious martyrs! And now, you are an orphan.

A Child's New Reality

As daylight reveals this new reality, you realize you have some choices to make. You must learn how to find food and and place to sleep. Eventually, you will need clothing. You need to determine who you can trust, among the countless strangers inhabiting your city. Every person you meet could be a friend – who could lead you to help – or they could be immoral merchants who see you as a commodity to sell... or worse.

In India, almost 80 percent of the population is Hindu and 15 percent Muslim. Which leaves less than 5 percent, and both are hostile to Christians, so your chances of finding another Christian to help you navigate this new season are slim.

This is reality for thousands of children in India today.

Fortunately, one man – a Christian missionary living in India – began tracking down these stories. Over time, he found over 300 boys living in the filth and slums of India. He quietly took them in and gave them shelter, food and hope. They became known as the "Sons of the Martyred Ones."

THEN... tragedy struck again.

Sent Back To Terror

In an effort to crack down on Christianity, the Indian government prohibited Christians from operating orphanages. Government agents came to the home, rounded up the boys and put them on trains back to their hometowns – the same towns where their parents had been brutally murdered.

Then YOU stepped up. The King's Ransom donor family raised over $1 million to help these boys.

But what could we do?

As it turns out, the people of India place an extremely high value on education. Parents will work three jobs and spend every dime they make to provide their children with the best education possible. So, while it's illegal for Christians to operate an orphanage, anyone could operate a SCHOOL!

A Victory When Hope Seemed Lost

So, we used that loophole to re-designate the orphanage as an academy. We helped them build better classrooms, dormitories, a gymnasium, a commercial-grade kitchen and more. Now, over 300 boys live and attend school in one of the finest institutions in India. They will go on to universities, where they will become engineers, physicians and professionals of all stripes. And they will learn about a Heavenly Father who loves them and plans to bless their lives.

ALL because of you!

When you give to King's Ransom Foundation, lives are transformed forever. One-hundred percent of your gift goes directly to the poor, wherever you designate it. Click "Nations" in the header to see EVERYWHERE King's Ransom currently serves the poor.

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