An old adage wisely notes: “One picture is worth 1000 words” – and we wholeheartedly agree! But, as emotional, feeling, caring human beings, we also like to hear those words sometimes. “Good job!”… “You are AMAZING!”… “WOW! You blow me away!”… “I’d be absolutely LOST without you!”

Admit it – you liked hearing every one of those statements and deep down inside, you kinda wished someone had said them to YOU! Guess what? We ARE!!!

Well… actually, our founder Dani Johnson IS! And, not only do you get BOTH the “picture” and “words,” but Dani has created her own personal video, just for you. Check out her message – and stay tuned for an AMAZING opportunity where you might be able to serve… so check it out NOW:

Congratulations… YOU did this! YOU made a difference for thousands of people TODAY and countless more in the future! NOW, are you someone hard-wired to work in the trenches with us at King’s Ransom Foundation? Could you see yourself working hand-in-hand with our partners around the world? Has God laid it upon your heart to spread the message of the miraculous work we do together? You’ve begun to make a COLOSSAL difference already… now, are ready to leave a career LEGACY?!

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